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court2 Superior Court of Arizona in Apache County
Honorable Michael Latham, Presiding Judge
PO Box 667
St. Johns, AZ 85936-0667
Phone: (928) 337-7555
Fax: (928) 337-7586
Troy Czarnyszka
Court Administrator/Chief of Security
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The Superior Court is located at 70 West 3rd South, just three blocks South of Main Street in St. Johns.
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Superior Court Telephonic Appearance Schedule
for Monday and Wednesday Calendar(s)

All rules and standards related to courtroom decorum shall apply to the Telephonic Courtroom(s).  Therefore, if appearing telephonically, please be mindful of the following:

  • Interruptions during court proceedings will not be tolerated.  Therefore, before logging into the Telephonic Courtroom, make sure you are in a quiet location with no background noise (busy streets, crying children, windy locations, etc.);
  • Anyone appearing telephonically is subject to the same contempt sanctions as those appearing in person.  The Court will receive a log of all numbers logging into the Telephonic Courtroom each day;
  • Remember, the Telephonic Courtroom is on speaker phone in the actual courtroom.  To avoid music on hold, do NOT place your call on hold;
  • Remember, you are not the only person in the Telephonic Courtroom.  All conversations taking place while logged into the Telephonic Courtroom can be heard by anyone else logged into the Telephonic Courtroom and on the speaker phone in the actual courtroom;
  • It is recommended that any conversation between attorney and client take place prior to logging into the Telephonic Courtroom;
  • It is your responsibility to call in to the appropriate conference call number at the time of your hearing.  Court staff will no longer take time to track down attorneys or defendants who fail to call in at the appropriate time or to the appropriate conference call number;
  • At a minimum, it is recommended that you log into the Telephonic Courtroom by the time your case is scheduled, just like you would do if you were appearing in person at the actual courtroom.  Once logged in, listen for your name and case to be called by the judge, at which point you must notify the Court that you are present in the Telephonic Courtroom;
  • Cases will be called in the order listed on the court calendar. If you are not present when your case is called, it will be noted on the record and the Court will move on to the next matter.
  • Once your matter has been called and heard, you may disconnect from the call.
(Monday – Law & Motion)
Morning Hearings:
(Monday – Law & Motion)
Afternoon Hearings:
Morning Hearings:
9:00 a.m.: (563) 999-1027
(Access Code: 834861)
9:30 a.m.: (515) 606-5163
(Access Code: 744767)
10:30 a.m.: (515) 606-5163
(Access Code: 744767)
1:30 p.m.: (563) 999-1027
(Access Code: 834861)
2:00 p.m.: (515) 606-5163
(Access Code: 744767)
3:00 p.m.: (563) 999-1027
(Access Code: 834861)
3:30 p.m.: (515) 606-5163
(Access Code: 744767)
9:00 a.m.: (563) 999-1027
(Access Code: 834861)
Honorable Steve Williams
Judge Pro Tem
  Honorable Allan Perkins
Judge Pro Tem