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Apache County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center is the major and in some cases the only source of communication for emergency services in Southern Apache County. Located at the central offices in the Apache County Sheriff’s Office in St. Johns, the communications center is manned around the clock by at least two of the ten full time communications specialists.

The Communication Center services multiple departments, which include St. Johns Police Department and fire and ambulance, Eagar Police Department and fire, Springerville Police Department and fire and the White Mountain Ambulance Service, which services the Round Valley, Alpine, Greer and Vernon areas; Concho Valley Fire, Alpine Fire, Apache County Adult Probation and Apache County Juvenile Probation and Puerco Valley Fire and Ambulance, as well as the four Apache County Sheriff’s Office Districts and the jail transportation vehicles, transporting prisoners to and from the courts throughout the state.

The strategic location’s of its repeaters gives the communications center excellent coverage. The Communications Center also provides other agencies with registrations checks, wants and warrants checks and requests for back up and/or assistance calls. Other agencies relying on the communications center are the United States Forest Service Law Enforcement, Arizona State Parks, United States Park Service, Arizona Game and Fish and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.

Ten different radio frequencies and as many telephone lines allow dispatchers at the communication center to accomplish the many demands placed on this department.

The communication center also handles all 9-1-1 calls for Apache County, including the Navajo Nation and cell phones.

Communications specialists receive intensive training covering numerous areas, including emergency medical dispatch, first aid and CPR and additional 24-hour EMD course. Communications specialists also receive training on the Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS), and must be certified on all the systems. They are required by law to pass a written examination within six months of commencing employment. Communications specialists are required to operate the telephone system for the hearing impaired (TDD system) proficiently. They must be able to answer and handle all 9-1-1 calls, including violent and medical emergency calls.

Dispatchers are the first source of the lifeline between the public and the officers in an emergency situation. Well-trained dispatchers save seconds and seconds save lives. Therefore the Apache County Sheriff’s Office is committed to continued training of the Apache County Communications Specialists for the safety and well being of the public as well as the officers they watch over.  Dispatch Duties and Qualifications

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