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Apache County Risk Management
The goal and function of the County’s Risk Management Office is to apply generally accepted risk management principles and techniques with the goal of partnering with all departments within the County to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees and the citizens is serves; protect its property, assets and other resources.
The County provides a wide range of services, all of which involve some level of risk. The County is fully committed to assessing and addressing these risks to minimize their effect on the services it provides.The Underlying objectives of the County’s risk management program are to:

  • Establish and maintain risk management into the culture and operations
  • Integrate risk management into service planning and performance management
  • Manage risk in accordance with best practices
  • Make sure that departments have clear accountability for both the ownership and cost of risk and the implementation of risk management programs
These underlying objectives will be achieved by:

  • Establishing clear roles, responsibilities and reporting lines within the County for risk management
  • Incorporating risk management into the Counties decision-making, business planning and performance management process
  • Monitoring the risk management program on a regular basis
  • Reinforcing the importance of effective risk management through training

The County’s Risk Management Program will focus on preventing losses before they occur or reducing losses that do occur (risk control).

The focus will mainly concentrate on:

  • Loss prevention: utilizing techniques to reduce frequency of losses
  • Loss reduction: utilizing techniques to reduce severity of losses
Components of the County Risk Management will include, but not be limited to the following components:

  • NEO (New Employee Orientation)
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Audits/Inspection
  • A County Safety Committee (all departments within the County)
  • A written Safety Policy and Program
  • Accident/Incident Investigation Process
  • Modified Work Program