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Apache County Recorder
Edison J. Wauneka

Apache County Recorder Federal Only statistics
Fed ID Only = 36
Fed ID, No citizenship = 30
Total = 66

Services provided by your Apache County Recorder’s Office:

  • Recording of Documents
  • Public Access to Recorder Documents
  • Maintenance and Archiving of Historical Recorder Documents
  • Voter Registration
  • Early Ballots

Credit card use in the Apache County Recorders office is for Copies and Recordings Only.  For mail-in documents being paid by credit card, we must have the Recording in our office before payment is made, please do not pay for a Recording before then.

Voter Registration
It is the goal of the Recorder’s Office to increase Voter Registration in Apache County
From 52,831 to 60,000 by 2020.  Currently we have 47,890 Active Voters and 4,941
Inactive Voters, and they are all eligible to vote.
Recorder’s Office – Voter Registration Department
St. Johns, AZ
Office: (928) 337-7516
Office: (928) 337-7632
Toll Free 1 (800) 361-4402
Chinle Voter Outreach Office
Chinle District 1 Road Yard
Office: (928) 674-4597
Cell: (928) 321-0220
Ft. Defiance Outreach Office
Ft. Defiance District 2 Road Yard
Office: (928) 729-2089
Cell: (928)321-0222
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