Traffic Citations


Your citation has a notation that indicates it is either civil or criminal. If you received a criminal traffic citation, you must contact the court for instructions. The bond envelope contains information for those who have received a civil traffic citation.

The following information describes the three options available to you for the citation you have received, or you may appear in court at the date and time shown above your signature on your citation. If you have multiple charges on your citation, you will need to indicate your choice for each charge, whether option 1, 2, or 3.

Failure to appear in court on the date listed on your citation, or failure to complete one of the other options listed, may result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest, a driver license suspension, and additional monetary costs being imposed.

If you are under eighteen (18) years of age,
 you must appear in court with a parent.

No insurance and/or suspended license violations. Arizona law carries a severe fine for persons convicted of driving without insurance or on a suspended driver’s license. If cited, motorist can secure insurance or a valid driver’s license prior to the date, the judge can significantly reduce the fine. Insurance Information

Note: If you have been cited for 28-645A3A (red light violations), or are under age 18 (first offense) and are cited for any moving violation, and are found responsible for the violation by the court, you will be required to attend a Traffic Survival School (TSS) class by the motor vehicle division (MVD) pursuant to the requirements of the Arizona Revised Statues. If, however, you are eligible for defensive driving and complete a class, the violation will be dismissed and you will not be subject to the requirement to attend a (TSS) class by (MVD).


* If you are from outside the State of Arizona you must contact the court for additional instructions.
Arizona statutes provide that under certain circumstances, a person may divert a traffic violation (one charge or violation) through attendance at a defensive driving class. If you choose to attend:

  • You need not appear in court for that charge.
  • The charge will be dismissed.
  • No fine will be assessed for the charge.
  • No points are added to your record for the charge.


You may be eligible for diversion of a charge through completion of a defensive driving class if you have not attended a defensive driving class for any Arizona violation dated within the immediate twenty four months prior to the date of the current violation for which you wish to attend, and at least one of the violations you are charged with is a civil traffic moving violation. You are not allowed to attend for any civil speed 26 and over the posted speed limit and your citation was not issued as a result of a collision in which any person was seriously injured or killed.

If you wish to attend, you must do the following:

  • Call any certified Defensive Driving School immediately. The school will verify your eligibility, register you for a class, and report your attendance to the court on completion.
  • Complete the class prior to your court date.
  • Provide a copy of your citation, show your driver’s license to the instructor and pay the school’s class fee.

If you complete the Defensive Driving Program class, you will not need to appear at court on the charge. If you receive multiple charges on your citation, only one can be dismissed through Option 1. You must decide whether to plead responsible, or request a hearing to contest, each remaining charge. Indicate your choices by completing the sections for Option 2 and Option 3 as per instructions. Make certain you indicate your choice for each remaining charge on your citation.


If you complete this option, you are admitting responsibility for the violation(s). The court will enter a judgment of responsible and will report the finding to the Motor Vehicle Division. Points will be assessed to you driving record for any moving violations.

  • Find your violation code(s) on the Fine/Bond Schedule, and purchase a cashier’s check or money order for the total amount(s) shown. Make the cashier’s check or money order payable to the Round Valley Justice Court. The Court does not accept personal checks.
  • Write your complaint number, which appears in the upper left corner of your citation, on the money order.
  • Fill in the payment information below for the charges you wish to plead responsible to, and circle the letter(s) that corresponds to that charge on your citation. Print the name and address of the person who received the citation EXACTLY as it appears on the citation.
  • Place payment in the envelope and affix the correct postage. Mail the payment at least five (5) business days prior to your court date (listed above your signature on the citation.)

Contact The Court

In accordance with Local Ordinance 2002-125 additional fees may be imposed upon the request of Trial/Hearing.