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If you are eligible , you may attend the Arizona Defensive Driving Course.  When you complete the course, the ticket will be dismissed. You will have no sanction to pay, you will not have  to appear  in the Court and no points will be assessed to your driving record.  Follow the instructions for Attending Defensive Driving Course elsewhere on this insert.

If you choose to attend a Defensive Driving Course, only one violation on your ticket will be dismissed. All other violations must be taken care of with the Court.
You can admit the offense on the ticket in three different ways: (1) By following the instructions for paying the deposit by mail, (2) by paying the deposit at the Court, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Monday through Friday, or (3) by appearing  before the Judge to give an explanation.  To do this, you must contact the Court and schedule  an appointment before the appearance date.
You can deny the offense on the ticket and request a hearing date in person or by mail.  To deny the offense in person, you may receive a hearing date at the Customer Service Counter at the Court.  To deny the offense by mail, follow the Instructions for Requesting a Hearing.

Option 1—ADMIT RESPONSIBILITY— pay by mail

You may pay the appropriate civil penalty and mail your payment.  DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL.
Pay with money orders or cashier’s checks. Please no personal checks.
All civil penalties are due in full on or before the scheduled appearance date.
If a payment reaches the court after the scheduled court date, you must add $20.00 to the amount due for additional fees associated with the late payment and default.

PRINT Name as it appears on the citation:
Current Address:
City, State and Zip:
WRITE the complaint number:
(Printed in the upper left corner of the citation)
MATCH the violation code(s) on the COMPLAINT to the codes listed on the FINE/CIVIL PENALTY SCHEDULE in order to determine the amount owed. Circle the violation(s) being paid, enter the amount for each violation and fee(s), then total:
CHARGE #                                    CIVIL PENALTY
1/A             =           $ ________________________
2/B             =           $ ________________________
3/C             =           $ ________________________
4/D             =           $ ________________________
5/C             =           $ ________________________
ADD $20.00 LATE PAYMENT FEE $ ________________
TOTAL                                             $ ________________
Money Order    Cashier’s Check
Mail payments to: P.O. Box 888
Chinle, AZ 86503
Make Money Order or Cashier’s Check payable to the Chinle Justice Court
Informational Payment Link Credit /Debit  card payment accepted at: Payment Methods Link
5.    DETAIL and MAIL this page with a COPY OF YOUR CITATION in the attached envelope. Mail to the Justice Court noted on the citation at least FIVE working days before the scheduled court date.
Option 2—Defensive Driving School

If you choose to attend Defensive Driving School and you are eligible to attend, you will not have to make a court appearance. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE COURSE AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED COURT DATE. You may take the course or pay the fine,  YOU CAN’T DO BOTH.

You were cited for a moving civil traffic violation that did not result in the serious injury or death of any person.
You have not attended defensive driving school on Arizona in the past 2 years.
The violation code on your citation is an eligible violation.

If you were cited for more than one violation you can only go to school for one eligible violation. For any other violation you must either:
Pay the appropriate fine/civil penalty.
Appear in Court.
Request a hearing (if you attend defensive driving school you may not request a hearing for that violation).

To find a list of certified defensive driving schools, go to http:/ or call 1-888-334-5565 to ask for an Arizona Supreme Court certified school.  The Arizona school will handle all registration arrangements.

A Commercial Drivers License holder is not eligible for a defensive driving ticket dismissal class, whether or not the CDL holder was driving commercially or privately, if the violation date occurred on or after 08/25/2004.

REVISION 8-28-2014