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Food Service Establishment Licenses
Proposed Hearing Officer Procedures to go before the Board of Supervisors’ – 06/05/2018
Ordinances, Codes and statutes for which a person or business may be cited and brought before the Hearing Officer.
Public Accommodations
State Delegated Functions, Powers and Duties – Procedures for Health Violation Hearings

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Environmental Services Division

“Healthy People – Healthy Environment”
Preston Raban, Director
Liz Castillo Executive Assistant
Phone: (928) 337-7607
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The Apache County Public Health Environmental Health Division is located at the County Annex Building 75 West Cleveland Street in St. Johns.
Our Vision: Healthy people, Healthy environment

The goal of the Environmental Health Division is to maintain and improve the health of the public through regulation of public facilities, food safety inspections, safe wastewater disposal, investigating nuisance complaints, health hazards, environmental complaints and enforcement of rules and regulations.

Environmental Health Fee Schedule adopted
AZ Revised Statues for Application Review Process
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Program Areas

  • Food Safety-Inspection and permitting of restaurants, bars, school kitchens, mobile food vendors, food vendors at special events and other venues at which food is prepared for and served to the public. Investigation of food borne complaints. Education of food service workers to instruct them in basic food safety and personal hygiene principles.
  • Public Accommodations-Inspection of hotels, motels and other nightly rental facilities to ensure clean and sanitary conditions exist.
  • Bathing Places-Inspection of public and semi-public pools to prevent unsafe water quality conditions that could lead to disease transmission.
  • Children’s Camps-Inspection of children’s camps to minimize unsafe conditions and promote healthful conditions at the camp.
  • Public Nuisance Complaints-Investigation of complaints and enforcement of rules to eliminate unsanitary conditions.
  • Wastewater-Review of plans for septic tank systems or other onsite sewage disposal systems, inspection of septic tank systems and other onsite sewage disposal systems and the permitting of onsite sewage disposal systems.
  • Environmental Complaints-Investigation of complaints and enforcement rules to eliminate environmental nuisances.