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Apache County Public Health Services District
Preston Raban, Director
“Healthy People – Healthy Environment”
The Apache County Public Health Services District administers over twenty separate public health programs. The District is divided into five divisions each responsible for various services. The main office is located on the second floor of the Apache County Annex Building at 75 West Cleveland Street in St. Johns. Additional locations can be found by clicking here.
Our Vision

Healthy People, Healthy Environment

Our Mission

Provide public health services in the areas of:

Health Education

Health Promotion

Preparation for Public Health Emergencies


Personal Wellness

Environmental Health

Our Goal

To improve public health by:

Investigating and resolving health and environmental problems in the community

Forming community partnerships to identify and solve health and environmental problems

Informing and educating people about health issues and empowering people to make lifestyle changes

Improving the department’s ability to respond to public health emergencies

Inspecting public facilities for compliance with rules and regulations

Enforce laws and regulations that protect public health

What is Public Health?

Public Health is the science and art of protecting and improving the health of our Apache County communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles and disease and injury prevention.

Public Health helps improve the health and well being of the people in our local communities of Apache County.

Public Health works to prevent health problems before they occur.

The dramatic achievements of Public Health are the improvement of our quality of life: an increase in life expectancy, reduction in infant and child mortality, and the elimination or reduction of many communicable diseases.

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