P&Z Meeting Minutes – 09/14/2017


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combined workshop, working lunch session and regular meeting

September 14, 2017

In Attendance:

Commissioners Staff
Jim Thornhill, Chairman Devin Brown, Director
Oscar Miranda, Vice-Chairman Shanna Pearce, Executive Assistant
Dan Muth (attended workshop only) Zenica Hall, Administrative Assistant
Kay Hauser
Carey Dobson (Absent)
Bobby Fite
John Freeman
Brad Peterson
Terry Smith


Work Shop

Called to order 9:05 a.m.

Devin Brown discussed purpose of county government and of land use planning. He explained A.R.S. 11-802A and 11-804A and what is required under those statutes.

Mr. Brown advised developing a plan focused on the possibility of plant closures; concerned with the effects they would have on the area. Mr. Brown provided the commission with documentation throughout the meeting.

Commission discussed the Land Use Element of the plan and somethings the area would need to attract new development. Discussed economic development and the current challenges faced in the county. Discussed infrastructure, transportation, tourism, forest health, the I-40 area, special taxing districts, subdivisions, the county government’s role, and impact/development fees.

Mr. Brown and commissioners discussed the top concerns gathered from the area comprehensive plan meetings held during the summer.

Commission discussed the current plan, current zoning vs. unimplemented zones created in the current comprehensive plan, the land use element, and the 10 Goals & Policies outlined in the Land Use Element, page 22, 4.7.

Mr. Brown referred to each section of the current comprehensive plan and the existing character area and existing conditions maps, and the current overlay zones.

Commission discussed road improvements to increase tourism and the collaboration with the BLM and forestry.

Mr. Brown concluded with his final thoughts in meeting and developing goals and the purpose of the comprehensive plan such as: to protect the rural character of the area, to protect existing property rights, to guide growth, to insures efficient expenditure of public funds, to preserve the natural resources, to protect the character of the county for future generations, allow for communities to develop rural planning areas, to help public safety & crime and junk clean-up.

Commission discussed the markets of economic development and zoning for growth.

Commission discussed updates that needed to be made, the timetable implemented in the current plan and the issues with enforcement. Mr. Brown went over a handout regarding the benefits and difficulties of code enforcement in rural counties, he suggested creating a list of non-enforced and enforced complaints/violations, and working in partnership with other departments for enforcement.

Work Session

Discussion of the overlay zones, clean-up and area density; the development of industrial zones coinciding with the current sites in Springerville and St. Johns, and developing a zone on I-40 along Sanders and Chambers.

Commission discussed the cost and benefits of the current railroads and the need of the area becoming a destination first to attract new development.

Commission agreed that, with some updates, the Land Use Element of the 2004 Comprehensive Plan appropriately captures the vision for the county, and the goals and plans contained therein are appropriate ways to achieve that vision.

Adjourned 12:25 p.m.

Commission Meeting

Item #1    Call to Order

Chairman Jim Thornhill called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

Item #2    Roll Call/Determination of a Quorum

Chairman Jim Thornhill stated a quorum was present. Seven (7) commissioners present.

Item #3    Approval of the minutes from the August 3, 2017 meeting

Commissioner John Freeman requested changes be made to the motions regarding item #5.

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened for a motion.
Commissioner John Freeman moved to approve the August 3, 2017 minutes with recommended
changes provided to staff.
Vice-Chairman Oscar Miranda seconded the motion.
Voting, Unanimous

Item #4    PUBLIC HEARING, consideration and possible recommendation for approval of a conditional use permit allowing Navopache Electric Cooperative, LLC (NEC) to construct a 240’ steel lattice communication tower, replacing an existing 40’ steel monopole communication tower. The tower is located on private property at the Tucson Electric Power (TEP) Generating Station in the NEC Sub Station within the TEP Sub Station yard. Township: 11, Range: 30, Section 34.

Brad Peterson recused himself due to conflict of interest being on the NEC Board.
Devin Brown talked about the tower application and recommended approval.
Anthony Lindsey explained that the purpose of the tower will be to enhance communication and
capability to talk to the substation at TEP and complete a loop system so NEC could still communicate if one pathway was destroyed. Also discussed that other vendors will not be allowed at the substation.

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened for a motion
Vice-Chairman Oscar Miranda made motion to make recommendation for approval
Commissioner Kay Hauser seconded the motion.
Voting, Unanimous

Item #5    Discussion of a possible amendment to the Apache County Manufactured Home Ordinance Article 7 Section 730(A)(1), which would allow manufactured homes more than 15 years old to be permitted through a Conditional Use Permit.

Mr. Brown discussed the question of amending the Manufactured home ordinance.
Brad Peterson discussed in length HUD requirements as in August meeting and questioned what
qualified under Hud standards.
Commission discussed keeping the 15-year rule with exceptions.
Commission gave Mr. Brown guidance for future additions to the Conditional Use Permit requirements specific to manufactured homes.
Commission also discussed lowering fees for a manufactured home Conditional Use Permit to match the extra residence fee, and discussed the fee for the Bowen’s pending C.U.P application.

Item #6    Call to the Public

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened the public session. No public in attendance.

Chairman Jim Thornhill closed the public session.

Item #7    Report from Staff to the Commission.

Item #8     Adjourn

Commissioner Kay Hauser Motion to adjourn
Commissioner Bobby Fite Seconded the motion.

Adjourned 2:00 p.m.