P&Z Meeting Minutes – 04/06/2017


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MINUTES FOR April 6, 2017

In Attendance:

Commissioners Staff 
Jim Thornhill, Chairman Devin Brown, Director
Oscar Miranda, Vice-Chairman Joe Young, Chief Deputy Attorney
Dan Muth Josh Covey, Deputy Attorney
Kay Hauser Shanna Pearce, Executive Assistant
Carey Dobson (Absent)
Bobby Fite
John Freeman
Brad Peterson
Terry Smith
Michael Bragiel

Work Session

Call to Order 12:02 p.m.

Item #1    Discussion of the Comprehensive Plan

Discussed the procedures, the required content and how to complete the comprehensive plan, involving communities’, involving different government and land departments and notification.

Discussed completing the plan in parts or as a whole.

Discussed the process of adopting a new plan or just re-adopting the current plan. Devin Brown advised that the process would be the same.

Copies of the current plan were provided to the commission.

Discussed the need to contact the State Land Department regarding their land use plan. Mr. Brown referenced Navajo County’s plan of 2011 noting there was not one currently in affect for rural areas.

Discussed the involvement of the Department of Water Resources and their role if a water resource element is required, and the other resources available.

Discussed the community meeting schedule and what was expected to get out of the meetings, using a facilitator to keep the meetings on track and available resources, using the existing area plans as a frame work, and the requirements for commissioner attendance.

Item #2    Discussion about amending or adding to the Zoning Ordinance or Building Code. Specifically, discussion on these topics:

A.  Amending the Reversion to Acreage and Lot Combination ordinances

Discussed the proposed processes within a subdivisions vs. a non-subdivision, the effects on the neighbors, notification, state law requirements and prop 207.

The ordinances will be on the next agenda for public hearing.

Work Session recessed 12:54 p.m.

Work Session resumed 1:10 p.m.

B.  Adding provisions to allow guesthouses, mother-in-law quarters, or casitas. Currently, the zoning code only allows for one residence per parcel, unless an applicant gets approval from the Board of Supervisors through a Conditional Use Permit. This discussion is to generate ideas and outline ways to allow for guesthouses other than through the Conditional Use Permit process

Devin explained the reasons driving this topic, the current county ordinance and other county ordinances.

Discussed rental use, addressing, RV use, tiny homes, the process and timeline of a conditional use permit, notification, regulations, acreage size, the size and number of additional homes, fees and permitting, zoning expectations and including discussion in the comprehensive plan meetings.

Item #3    Discussion on how the Commission would want to respond to cases that involve false, misleading, or fraudulent information and possibly establishing a process to deal with such situations before, during, and after an application has been decided.  Discussion of commissioners’ responsibilities and liabilities in such scenarios. Discussion would include questions for the county attorney regarding commissioners’ responsibilities and liabilities as a group and individually when taking action on an application based on false, misleading, or fraudulent information from the applicant or their representative

Commissioner John Freeman questioned what the commission does, as a policy, when they find they have been given misleading information.

Discussed the process of finding facts, the commissioners’ role, responsibilities and liabilities, the frequency of occurrences, the need of a detailed written process vs. a simple process, and the commissioner’s accountability.

Mr. Freeman provided a draft of a possible process.

Mr. Freeman questioned what the individual and group liabilities were.

Attorney Joe Young advised that the commission was an advisory body and that the ultimate responsibility would fall on the board of supervisors, they would have liability.

Discussed the commissioners’ individual and group liability.

Mr. Freeman requested a written legal opinion from the attorney’s office.

Adjourn 1:50 p.m.

Commission Meeting

Item #1    Call to Order

Chairman Jim Thornhill called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.

Item #2    Roll Call/Determination of a Quorum

Chairman Jim Thornhill stated a quorum was present.

Item #3    Call to the Public (Forms must be turned in at this time)

No Public communication forms were turned in.

Item #4    Approval of the minutes from the March 2, 2017 meeting

No Discussion.

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened for a motion.
Commissioner John Freeman moved to approve the minutes.
Commissioner Brad Peterson seconded the motion.
Voting is unanimous.

Item #5    Adjourn

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened for a motion.
Vice–Chairman Oscar Miranda moved to adjourn.
Commissioner Terry Smith seconded the motion.
Voting is unanimous.

Adjourned 1:06 p.m.