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MINUTES FOR February 2, 2017

In Attendance:

Commissioners  Staff 
Jim Thornhill, Chairman Devin Brown, Director
Oscar Miranda, Vice-Chairman Shanna Pearce, Executive Assistant
Dan Muth Greg Green, Building Official
Kay Hauser
Carey Dobson
Bobby Fite
John Freeman
Brad Peterson
Terry Smith (Absent)
George Walsh

Work Session

Call to Order 12:20p.m.

Item #1    Discussion of the agenda items below

No discussion.

Item #2    Discussion about updating the Comprehensive Plan, setting a schedule for creating the plan, and general principles that should guide the planning process.

Director Devin Brown explained the timelines and ideas in updating the current Comprehensive Plan and conducting community meetings around the county throughout the end of the summer. He also advised the commission he had been and will continue working with District III Supervisor Doyel Shamley for input, ideas, and direction.

Chairman Jim Thornhill agreed that summer meetings would be best to include seasonal residents.

Commission discussed ways to notice the community of meeting schedules, advertising more on the reservations in the Navajo Times and Gallup Independent, whom to contact and invite to attend the meetings in accordance with the ordinance, how to actively involve communities, forming community groups for each area, the general principles to guide the process, alternating the meeting times for better community involvement, creating a Facebook page for Community Development to gather ideas and opinions, using radio ads, keeping the plan simple for readability and including area maps.

Vice-Chairman Oscar Miranda explained the interest of the residents in Alpine when they wanted to develop a plan.

Commissioner John Freeman noted that Greer may have questions regarding the need to re-do the meetings after they had been recently done and explained the issues Greer had when creating their plan. Mr. Brown replied although the last review satisfied the requirements there was not enough information from the communities and he was wanting to improve on the current plan.

Item #3    Discussion and update about amending parts of the Zoning Ordinance, including the Lot Combination and Reversion-to-Acreage ordinance.

Mr. Brown explained the current process and the proposed process when removing only a lot line; having no impact with any right-of-ways or easements.

Commission discussed the effects on the neighbors, noticing, postings, the need for amending plats vs. actions through a deed; what determined land ownership, the process for subdivision vs. non-subdivision, obtaining new parcel numbers, grandfathering those lots already completed, the history of the Assessor’s office combining property for tax purposes using land hooking,  what authority the Assessor’s office had and the process to legally combine lots and parcels, why the ordinance solicited comments for lot combinations but not minor land divisions, the need to go through a more intensive process if there were any questions, concerns or issues and amending a plat without a survey.

Adjourn 12:59p.m.

Commission Meeting

Item #1  Call to Order

Chairman Jim Thornhill called the meeting to order at 1:05p.m.

Item #2  Roll Call/Determination of a Quorum

Chairman Jim Thornhill stated a quorum was present.

Item #3    Public Communications (Forms must be turned in at this time)

Public communication forms collected and turned in.

Item #4  Approval of the minutes from the January 5, 2017 meeting

No discussion.

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened for a motion.
Commissioner Kay Hauser moved to approve the minutes.
Vice-Chairman Oscar Miranda seconded the motion.
Voting is 7 ayes, 0 nays, 2 abstention; Chairman Jim Thornhill and Commissioner Carey Dobson were not present at the January 5, 2017 meeting.

Item #5    Public hearing, consideration and possible recommendation for approval of an application allowing Monica Stauffer to amend the Final Plat for Alpine Village East subdivision, adjusting lot lines to combine lots 105 and 106 to accommodate a remodel/expansion of an existing cabin. No right of ways or easements will be extinguished, relinquished or abandoned. Property is located near Alpine, AZ. 101-65-105 and 101-65-106.

Commissioner Dan Muth declared a conflict with the agenda item and recused himself from discussion and comments.
Devin Brown provided staff report and recommended approval.

Tom Baumgartner, 15 CR 2065, Alpine Village East, he is a member of the Board of the Home Owners Association (HOA) and the Architectural Committee and stated he was not representing either the Board or Committee today. He spoke in favor of the applicants’ application, he explained the involvement of the HOA Board and Architectural Committee. He spoke of the area improvements that have been made to maintain or improve the natural beauty of the lots. He stated there were no deed restrictions for combining lots. He spoke of the positive impact combing the lots would have and recommended commission approval.

Commissioner John Freeman confirmed that the membership in the HOA was voluntary and asked if the applicants were members. Mr. Baumgartner replied yes.

Mr. Freeman asked if the HOA or Architectural Committee would have reviewed if there were violations. Mr. Baumgartner agreed and added they would have reviewed with any resident, regardless of membership.

Mr. Freeman asked if, by the applicant’s voluntary membership, they would be required to go before the Architectural board again if they wanted to subdivide back to the original lots and could they quit their membership at any time. Mr. Baumgartner agreed and added they enforce deed restrictions regardless if a member or not.

Douglas Larson, #6 CR 2068, Alpine Village East, he is the treasurer of the HOA but not attending on their behalf. He represented the applicants as they were unable to attend the meeting due to health issues. He spoke in approval of the application and stated the proposed improvements would enhance the property and area.

Mr. Thornhill closed the public hearing.

Mr. Thornhill opened to the commission.

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened for a motion.
Commissioner Brad Peterson moved to approve without conditions.
Vice-Chairman Oscar Miranda seconded the motion.
Voting unanimous.

Mr. Muth returned to sit with the commission.

Mr. Freeman asked if the commission could call upon a recused commissioner as a witness on behalf of an applicant. Mr. Thornhill agreed and stated they cannot participate in the discussion and added they would need to be careful; they cannot influence the commission in any way.

Item #6    Public hearing, consideration and possible recommendation for approval of an application allowing Verizon Wireless to construct a 150’ wireless communications tower along with associated radio equipment on the ground in a 50’ x 50’ chain-link compound. Property is located near St. Johns, AZ. A.P.N 108-37-027

Devin Brown provided staff report and recommended approval.

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened the public hearing.

Commissioner Brad Peterson confirmed with Reg Destree that NPC and Verizon did not have any joint use with the tower. Mr. Destree agreed.

Ellis Wiltbank P.O. Box 96, Eagar, AZ, CR 2315 Nutrioso #15 supported the tower and added his concerns with the grazing land being slowly taken away and also concerned with the limited Verizon service in Nutrioso and the concern with servicing a few people over a couple 100 people.

Mr. Freeman questioned his ownership of the land for grazing. Mr. Wiltbank stated he leased the land.

Reg Destree, 7201 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251 representing Verizon stated that the site will be on county property just north of the prison and will provide better coverage for the area near the lake. He added that Verizon was planning to have the tower completed this year. He also noted they are working on the lease with the county. He advised the commission of the outcome of his neighborhood meeting.

Mr. Thornhill asked when the site Nutrioso was going to be completed. Mr. Destree advised that Sun State Tower had been contracted with Verizon and had started construction with the hopes to be completed this year. He advised they are working on getting another site to help near the Picnic area.

Further discussion of area coverage at the proposed site near Lyman Lake.

Mr. Miranda asked if they were putting a tower by the fire station in Nutrioso. Mr. Destree stated they are looking into additional coverage in that area and what coverage the tower under construction now will provide.

Mr. Destree provided a timeline of completing the tower in Greer and stated it should be completed this year as well.

Mr. Freeman questioned how many C.U.P’s Verizon currently had outstanding. Mr. Destree replied about four. Commissioners and Mr. Destree discussed timelines, when and how the C.U.P’s expired.

Mr. Freeman advised Mr. Destree the commission worked on good-faith and that they needed to get going on these. Mr. Brown advised this topic was not on the agenda to discuss.

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened for a motion.
Vice-Chairman Oscar Miranda moved to approve without conditions.
Commissioner John Freeman seconded the motion and commented the commission can attach stipulations to the approval of anything they want to; one stipulation could be significant progress on those outstanding C.U.P’s to show good faith and not just markers in the ground. He added this is a second without this stipulation.

Voting unanimous.

Item #7    Report from Staff to the Commission

Mr. Brown advised the commission of the upcoming Ombudsman’s Open Meeting Law and Public Records training in Show Low and advised the commission to attend if they are able to. He also noted that Ombudsman’s would be willing to provide training in St. Johns or Eagar if needed or wanted.

Mr. Miranda questioned the need to notice the attendance of the commission in the event there were enough attending to form a quorum. The commission will advise Shanna Pearce if they are wanting to attend so that a Notice of Attendance can be posted.

Mr. Brown advised the commission that the supervisors meetings will start to video their meetings and will be available on the web for the general public. He advised that the commission needed to decide if they wanted to do the same. Mr. Walsh felt it was a good idea as the county had the equipment.

Mr. Freeman questioned how long the videos’ would be retained. Mr. Brown stated he did not know retention schedule was.

Mr. Brown explained future agendas items.

Mr. Thornhill suggested work sessions would be a better way to review the outcome of Mr. Browns outreach programs. Mr. Brown recommended round tabling. Commissioners discussed times for the meetings and training.

Item #8    Commissioner’s comments or directions to Staff

Mr. Freeman questioned the status of the attorney’s input on some of the commissioners’ request from the January 5, 2017 meeting and not having an attorney present for today’s meeting.

The commission discussed their desires of having a representative from the county attorney’s office present at all the meetings, the rules and regulations and possible future agenda items to address their desires and concerns.

Mr. Brown advised this was not on the agenda and so no action could be taken.

Mr. Freeman requested to move forward the questions requested of the attorney in the January 5, 2017 meeting to get answers. Mr. Walsh recommended adding an agenda item for the county attorney to specifically answer those questions.

Item #9    Adjourn

Chairman Jim Thornhill opened for a motion.
Vice-Chairman Oscar Miranda moved to adjourn.
Commissioner George Walsh seconded the motion.
Voting unanimous.

Adjourned 1:59p.m.