P&Z Meeting Minutes – 01/05/2012


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Apache County Planning and Zoning
P.O. Box 238 St. Johns , AZ 85936 (928) 337-7526 Fax (928) 337-7633

In Attendance:

Commissioners                                                     Staff
Tom Tilford (Chairman)                                          Milton Ollerton, Director
Patsy Plant                                                                    Michelle Johnson, Exec. Assistant
Kay Hauser                                                                   Connie Shreeve, Admin. Assistant
Carey Dobson                                                              Mike Latham, County Attorney
Bobby Fite
Donald Borg
Steve Nicoll
Steve Smith

Work Session – Agenda item is discussed.  
Commission Meeting

Item #1 Call to Order.

Chairman Tom Tilford calls the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting to order at  pm.

Item #2 Roll Call/Determination of a Quorum

Chairman Tom Tilford states a quorum is present

Item #3 Public Communications (Forms must be turned in at this time)

All forms have been turned in.

Item #4 Approval of Minutes from the December 1, 2011 meeting.

Chairman Tom Tilford opens for motion.
Commissioner Kay Hauser moves to approve the minutes.
Commissioner Steve Smith seconds the motion.
Voting is unanimous.  Motion carries.

Item #5 Consideration/Discussion/Possible Approval of Chairman Tom Tilford asks for a staff report.

Chairman Tilford opens the public session.

Chairman Tilford closes the public session.

Chairman Tom Tilford opens for questions and discussion among the commissioners.

Chairman Tom Tilford opens for a motion
Commissioner Steve Nicoll moves to approve the application with the exception that it is extended from 12 months to18 months instead of 24 months.
Commissioner Steve Smith seconds the motion.
The voting is 6 ayes, Commissioner Don Borg votes nay.  The motion carries.
This item will be heard by the Board of Supervisors at the January 3, 2012 meeting.

Item #6 Adjourn

Chairman Tom Tilford opens for a motion.
Commissioner moves to adjourn.
Commissioner seconds the motion.
The voting is unanimous.  The motion carries.
Meeting is adjourned at  pm.