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September 5, 2017
St. Johns, Arizona

Present were: Chairman Joe Shirley, Jr. and Alton Joe Shepherd. Also present, County Manager/Clerk of the Board Delwin Wengert. County Attorney Michael Whiting participated via the telephone. Vice Chairman Doyel Shamley was excused from the meeting due to travel.

Chairman Shirley called to order the Board of Supervisors meeting at 8:33 a.m. in the Chinle District I Road Yard, Administrative Building, U.S. Highway 191mile post 446.9 and welcomed all in attendance.

Robert Mackenzie led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Delwin Wengert gave the invocation.

Chairman Shirley called for the Library District items.

SueAn Stradling-Collins, Library Director, requested approval of extending the public service hours at the Sanders Public Library from 24 to 28 hours per week.  Mr. Shepherd moved approval seconded by Mr. Shirley. Motion passed.

SueAn Stradling-Collins, Library Director, requested approval of community representatives, proposed budget and Strategic Planning Process for the St. Johns, Public Library. Mr. Shepherd
moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shirley. Motion passed.

Mr. Shepherd moved to adjourn the Library District meeting, seconded by Mr. Shirley. Motion passed.

Chairman Shirley called for the regular agenda items.

Mr. Wengert presented the Consent Agenda Items A-E and recommended approval. Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shirley. County Manager/Clerk of the Board: A. Request approval of demands as distributed to the Apache County Board of Supervisors between August 21, 2017 to September 5, 2017. Payee Amount AZ STATE GOVERNMENT 126,000.00 Shirley, Joe 2,079.37 Rogers, Kent 1,179.04 Stradling, Reed 1,491.55 King, Walter Scott 1,239.77 Begay, Bernice Y 1,013.79 Burbank, Lorenzo 1,119.29 Elwood, Julius R 1,057.23 Bia, Johnnie    1,026.97 AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE ASSURANCE 1,085.03 APACHE COUNTY HSA 3,226.67 APACHE COUNTY MEDICAL 162,297.90 APACHE COUNTY TAX WITHHOLDING 138,292.79 ASRS LEGACY EORP 1,089.96 AZ STATE RETIREMENT SYSTEM 95,609.80 COLONIAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INS 1,256.35 CORRECTIONS OFFICER RET PLAN 7,237.92 CORRECTIONS OFFICER RETIREMENT PLAN 520 5,042.95 EORP LEGACY 1,288.26 NATIONWIDE  1,955.00 NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT SOL EODCRS 1,030.62 PUBLIC SAFETY PERSONNEL 401 7,699.10 PUBLIC SAFETY SHERIFF RET 43,138.01 SUPPORT PAYMENT CLEARINGHOUSE 2,279.89 ADHS AZ HEALTH CARE COST 22,400.00 APACHE COUNTY SCHOOLS CONSORTIUM 14,835.00 AVAYA COMMUNICATIONS 1,469.87 AZ SUPREME COURT 1,278.27 AZ SUPREME COURT 2,590.00 BRADCO 19,634.65 CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA INC (CMI) 13,086.75 DOUBLETREE BY HILTON HOTEL FLAGSTAFF 4,785.98 EARTH MOVER TIRE SALES INC 3,588.75 FRONTIER 4,419.27 HUMAN SERVICES CONSULTANTS 5,509.32 INGRAM LIBRARY SERVICES 2,061.83 MOHAWK AUTOMOTIVE LIFTS SOUTHWEST 1,240.00 NAVAJO TRIBAL UTILITY AUTHORITY 1,286.28 NAVAJO TRIBAL UTILITY AUTHORITY 1,150.63 NAVOPACHE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 2,339.88 QUILL CORP 2,963.29 REIDHEAD SAND AND ROCK` 1,296.12 SCHIFF, LAURENCE 1,500.00 SHELL OIL 1,414.61 SMITHS DETECTION INC 8,346.00 SOUTHWEST ROCK PRODUCTS LLC 1,294.35 STEVENS, SHANE 2,999.99 TEEN ADDICTION ANONYMOUS 1,100.00 CRISS CANDELARIA LAW OFFICE 4,350.83 REAL TIME SOLUTIONS 3,750.00 EMPIRE MACHINERY 30,450.00 TASER INTERNATIONAL INC 56,285.13 HUMAN SERVICES CONSULTANTS 5,331.60 NORCHEM DRUG TESTING LABORATORY 1,213.70 TYCO INTEGRATED SECURITY LLC 4,325.99 EMPIRE MACHINERY 89,579.29 4IMPRINT 2,196.57  ALPINE EXCAVATION & CONST CO 1,591.50 ARCHER MANUFACTURING 2,280.00  AZLGEBT 313,180.85 BILLS DISCOUNT AUTO PARTS (NAPA) 1,451.10 BRADCO 42,776.84 CDW GOVERNMENT LLC 3,940.79 CHANGEPOINT INTEGRATED HEALTH 3,300.00 CHEVRON USA INC 1,078.47 COURTESY CHEVROLET    77,993.94 ULLIGAN – PHOENIX 21,165.28 DISCOUNT TIRE 1,115.17 EMPIRE MACHINERY 41,063.54 FLEET PRIDE 3,287.37 HIGH COUNTRY SIGNS LLC 2,606.00 HILLYARD/FLAGSTAFF 1,268.82 HOME DEPOT 10,995.97 HUCK APPRAISAL OFFICE 8,000.00 LATHAM, MICHAEL 2,884.94 MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 1,837.68 MERCK SHARP & DOHME CORP 2,911.89 PACIFIC PONDEROSA CO INC 3,689.20 PERSONNEL SAFETY  ENTERPRISES 3,637.49 PFIZER INC 1,691.05  PRO PETROLEUM  14,938.08  PUBLIC SECTOR PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS INC 4,000.00 QUILL CORP 4,676.28 RB LASTING IMPRESSION 1,550.00 RUSH TRUCK CENTER 1,205.36  SANOFI PASTEUR INC 4,793.91 SOUTHWEST ROCK PRODUCTS LLC 7,486.64 STAPLES CREDIT PLAN 4,145.02  SUN RIDGE SYSTEMS, INC 1,790.00 SW ECOLOGY LLC  5,776.52 THOMAS, JEREL 1,133.58  TJP COMMUNICATIONS 1,973.14 TRAK ENGINEERING INC 1,743.75 VALLEY AUTO PARTS 3,159.35 VERIZON WIRELESS  6,315.74 WESTERN DETENTION PRODUCTS INC 1,202.60 YOUNGS FUTURE TIRE 3,650.32 LATHAM, MICHAEL 2,884.94 Demands are payments made, or to be made, by the County. Specific details of the demands may be requested through the County public record request process. B. Request approval of minutes dated August 10, 2017. C. Request approval of a Special Event Liquor License for the Concho Kitchen United for a Chicken Wing Cook-off on September 30, 2017 at the San Rafael Catholic Church, 23 County Road 5041 in Concho,  Arizona. Personnel Items: D.  District I: Request approval to convert the position of Road Foreman I (range 36) to Administrative Coordinator (range 38). Community Development: E.  Request approval of a Conditional Use Permit allowing Charles A. Lewis to construct and place a 102-foot communication tower on his 10 acre parcel that can be used for cellular phones, fire departments, repeaters, microwave and internet providers, etc. Property is located near Concho, Arizona A.P.N. 107-40-008A. The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved August 3, 2017 with the following conditions: 1) if the tower was not being used after five (5) years from the date of approval, the tower comes down. 2) the applicant must take measures to reduce glare and noise, 3) the tower is only to be used as a communication tower, 4) the tower must be constructed within the two (2) year Conditional Use Permit time period. Motion passed.

Mr. Wengert, on behalf of Supervisor Shepherd presented the request approval of a proclamation supporting National School Bus Safety Month. Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shirley. Freddy Yazzie, a bus driver for Ganado Unified School District stated he has driven bus for the past 24 years and appreciates the Board of Supervisors encouraging and supporting school bus safety. Bus Driver Jackson Curtis thanked the Board for supporting school bus safety. Chairman Shirley stated it is important to be safety conscience of the children getting on and off the school bus. Motion passed.

Proclamation 2017-15
“National School Bus Safety Month”

WHEREAS, Apache County recognizes that the greatest resource is its children; their education is our investment in the future; the health and safety of all school children is essential to the happiness and well-being of Apache County families and communities; and

WHEREAS, the safety of our students deserves the highest priority; public transportation help thousands of school children throughout Apache County arrive safely to and from school each day; and

WHEREAS, school buses are designed with multiple safety measures, including bright yellow colors, flashing lights, stop sign arms, and giant cross-view mirrors to avoid crashes and prevent injuries; and

WHEREAS, Apache County upholds the highest standards of school bus safety through federal, state, local and Navajo Nation traffic regulations and practices, safety drills and presentations, communication with parents and maintaining a clean safe environment for children; and

WHEREAS, we recognize the value of school bus drivers for their steadfast commitment to safely transporting Apache County students to and from schools and by understanding that the importance of student transportation is crucial to our children’s success.

NOW THEREFORE, the Apache County Board of Supervisors hereby proclaim October 2017 to be “National School Bus Safety Month” and call upon residents to recognize and contribute to the imperative of providing safe transportation for our schoolchildren.

Adopted by the Apache County Board of Supervisors this 5th day of September 2017.

/s/ Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr.                     /s/ Delwin Wengert
Chairman of the Board                           Clerk of the Board

Mr. Wengert, on behalf of Supervisor Shamley, requested approval of a resolution supporting the re-opening of the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle location in St. Johns, Arizona.  Mr. Wengert stated the St. Johns location was closed and it is unknown when or if they will re-open. Mr. Wengert stated the only other motor vehicle division office in Apache County is located in Chinle.  Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shirley. Motion passed.

Resolution #2017-16
Apache County Board of Supervisors in Support of the
Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle Office in St. Johns

WHEREAS, the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle Division office was established and operating for many years in St. Johns, Arizona, the county seat of Apache County; and

WHEREAS, the St. Johns location of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division have closed the office due to maintenance issues requiring immediate repair, with no anticipated date for re-opening; and

WHEREAS, Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle Division is currently referring customers to their offices in Show Low and Holbrook, resulting in a lack of services for the entire southern part of the county, and

WHEREAS, the closure of the St. Johns office will cause an excessive burden and hardship on the citizens and businesses of Apache County, including those residents in St. Johns, Eagar and Springerville as well as the unincorporated communities in the southern portion of Apache County; and

WHEREAS, Apache County has an ongoing lease agreement with the State of Arizona at the Apache County Complex in Chinle, Arizona at no cost to the State, for conducting motor vehicle division activities for the citizens in the northern portion of the County.

BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of Supervisors of Apache County strongly urges and fully supports the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle Division to re-open the St. Johns location.

Passed and adopted by the Apache County Board of Supervisors on this 5th day of September

/s/ Joe Shirley, Jr.                     /s/ Delwin Wengert
Chairman of the Board                     Clerk of the Board

There was no one wanting to address the Board during call to the public.

Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shirley. Vote was unanimous.

Approved this 19th day of September 2017.

/s/ Joe Shirley, Jr.                     /s/ Delwin Wengert
Chairman of the Board                     Clerk of the Board