BOS Meeting Agenda – 04/02/2013


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Joe Shirley, Jr.
District I
Tom M. White, Jr.
District II
Barry Weller
Vice Chairman
District III


April 2, 2013
Ft. Defiance Chapter House 112 & Indian Route, 110 Junction SW,
Ft. Defiance, Arizona

9:30 a.m. (MDT) 8:30 a.m. (MST).

Invocation by Invitation.
Pledge of Allegiance.

1.  Call to the Public: Individuals may address the Board on any relevant issue for an amount of time determined by the Chairman. At the close of the call to the public, Board members may not respond to any comments but may respond to criticism, ask staff to review a matter or ask that a matter be placed on a future agenda.   2.  Notification of the Proclamation by Governor Janice Brewer recognizing the month of April as County Government Month.

3.  Discussion and possible approval of CONSENT ITEMS: All items indicated by an asterisk (*) will be handled by a single vote as part of the consent agenda, unless a Board Member, County Manager or member of the public objects at the time the agenda item is called.

County Manager/Clerk of the Board:

*A.  Request approval of minutes dated March 19, 2013.

*B.  Request approval of demands dated March 19, 2013 to April 2, 2013. Demands are payments made by the County. Specific details of the demands may be requested through the County public record request process.

Personnel Items:

*C.  Community Development Department: Request approval to remove Andrew Jones, Building Inspector III, from his month probationary status effective March 24, 2013 with the 2.5% end of probation increase.

*D.  School Superintendent’s Office: Request authorization to hire a temporary Accounting Specialist I for a period not to exceed 60 days at a salary of $10.24 per hour.

*E. District I: Request authorization to remove Calvin Jones from probation status effective January 30, 2013 with the 2.5% end of probation increase. 4.  School Superintendent’s Office: Request authorization to change the currently vacant Accounting Specialist I position (range 20) to an Accounting Specialist III (range 28) and fill the vacancy.

5.  Election Department: Discussion and possible appointment of all tally board workers, replacement centers and drop boxes for the upcoming May 21, 2013 Special Election.

6.  Probation Services: Discussion and possible approval to temper the following grant funded personnel’s salaries by 2.5%: Probation Officers Brittney Rushing & Tom Ross, Detention Officer Luis Morales and Administrative Assistant Corina Gutierrez.  This action will prevent these individual’s salaries from being surpassed by new employees who receive a 2.5% end of probation increase.

7.  District III: Discussion and possible approval of an Apache County Volunteer program and application which shall allow Department Heads and Elected Officials to periodically utilize citizens, at minimal cost to the County, for work load support as may be needed. Department Heads and Elected Officials shall be responsible for any expenses associated with Workers Compensation and travel as may be approved per job assignment for each of their respective volunteers. This item was tabled from a previous Board meeting.

8.  Presentation by Real Time Solutions regarding a public interactive map of the county road system for the Apache County website.  9.  Work session regarding the following items:

  • Discussion on 2013-2014 Budget process review.
  • Discussion of suggested changes in the demand approval process.
  • Discuss returning the Current Event Summary to the agenda.
  • Discussion on sequence on motions versus discussion on agenda items.
  • Discussion on the Sustainable Communities Board and Grant continuation.
  • Discuss the impact on Unincorporated Apache County release from land plan and regional plan.
  • Discuss alternatives to Medical examiner and possible Investigator position.
  • Discuss load limit changes for Routes 261and 273 (transportation issues).
  • Discuss potential for re-establishment of Wildlife Services Contract.
  • Discuss the adoption of N9402 and BIA involvement (road from Sanders to Lupton).


Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Apache County Board of Supervisors endeavors to ensure the accessibility of its meetings to all persons with disabilities. If you need an accommodation for a meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board’s office at (928)337-7503, TDD (928)-337-4402 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting (not including weekends or holidays) so that an accommodation can be arranged. One or more members of the Board of Supervisors may participate telephonically or through video communication.
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Delwin Wengert, Clerk of the Board