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Magnesium Chloride is used to control dust and stabilize aggregate and dirt surfaces. This product works by drawing moisture from the air to the soil, and creates a binding capability which glues road base particles together allowing for dust control and road stabilization. Magnesium Chloride helps in road stabilization by increasing base strength and reducing compaction costs. On road shoulders, magnesium chloride will maintain a firm, tight surface increasing shoulder safety and reducing maintenance costs.

Benefits of Magnesium Chloride Application


  • Safer roads and driving conditions
  • Longer lasting road stabilization
  • Less potholes/washboarding
  • Improves surface durability

Dust Suppression

  • Keeps fines on the road
  • Better public relations
  • Clearer air
  • Reduces dust to PM10 standard

Preparing the Road for Magnesium Chloride Application

Road surface preparation is extremely important before the county starts spraying the roads with Magnesium Chloride. If the surface is permeable, smooth and shaped for drainage, it is ready for the Magnesium Chloride application. If these conditions do not exist then the District I must make sure that all the ruts, washboards, potholes, drainage problems, gravel segregation, and hard impervious areas have been rectified. Correct surface preparation is very important in the overall success of the dust control treatment.In most situations, the recommended application rate of Magnesium Chloride is 0.5 gallons per square yard, which is generally applied in two 0.25 gallons per square yard applications. The second application can be made as soon as the first has penetrated. This basic rate is best for first-time applications and for the longest length of dust control. The basic rate usually provides control and stabilization for two to six months without reapplication depending on weather and road base.

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