Flood Plain Maps and Information

Engineering Department
Contact Information
County Roads Improvement District
Magnesium Chloride Application
For Flood Plain Request and Flood Hazard Permits please see the Apache County Community Development Planning and Zoning Division.
For emergency flood preparedness information please see the Apache County Sheriff’s Office
Emergency Management.
County Engineer John Ferrin Crosby
Delos Delos Bond
Flood Plain Manager
P.O. Box 238
St. Johns, AZ 85936
Phone: (928) 337-7535
Fax: (928) 337-2062
For information regarding the Flood Plain Maps please call the Flood Plain Manager or you may come into the Engineering Department at the Apache County Annex Building located at 75 West Cleveland in St. Johns.
Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Amended and approved by the board on March 21, 2017.
NFIP The official site of the National Flood Insurance Program
Complete Guide to Flood Safety and Preparedness
Flood Survival Guide
PHEP16 FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map Firm
FEMA Protecting Manufactured Home from Floods and Other Hazards (FEMA P-85)
FEMA Flood Map Service Center

By using the above link FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center you will be able to view the current floodplain maps. What is needed for a direct location map is a longitude and latitude coordinates to the property in question. The beginner can also input for example “Apache County, AZ.” and from the map produced on the screen, scroll to the general area of concern. Once there, a map panel number is listed on screen. In both cases, click the panel number. To the left of map you are given the option to either “view” the floodplain map or “download” the map. If you choose to view, the flood map will appear and you are then given the option to zoom in tighter to a certain location and even print a FIRMette for closer and better resolution.
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