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A geographic information system or GIS is a system of gathering, managing, and analyzing data. GIS integrates many location based data into layers, which then provides unique insights into the patterns and relationships of the data through visualization on a map. GIS can store tabular data, imagery, planning documents, legal descriptions, and much more and integrate them into a map that allows the viewer to see and understand information in a new way. In some cases it is used simply to provide location information to the user, but it is also used to identify problems, monitor changes, manage and respond to events, and set priorities and tasks.
What We Do
The GIS Department oversees the maintenance, development, and administration of all geographic information within Apache County. We are working to provide interactive mapping applications and tools that can help employees and citizens access, query, visualize, and analyze location based information. Some of the projects and data we are currently responsible for include, but are not limited to:

  • E-911 Support
  • Mapping application development and maintenance
  • Employee/department and citizen map requests
  • Creation and maintenance of political boundaries, roads, parcels, and more