Apache County Constables
Constables Duties

Processing Fees



Constables duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Execute and return writs of possession or restitution (evictions)
  • Serve orders of protection and orders prohibiting harassment.
  • Summons Jurors.
  • Serve criminal and civil summons and subpoenas
  • Judicial security
  • Levy and return writs of execution (seize property to satisfy judgments)
  • Store personal property levied on.
  • Conduct Constable sales of property levied on to satisfy judgments.
  • Constable returns served summons to Judge

There are three elected Constables in Apache County. Charli Anderson from the Sanders (Puerco) District , Lance Pearce from the St. Johns District, Roger S. Curtis from the Round Valley District. Please Click on the links to go to their pages.