Devin Brown, Director

Board of Adjustment and Appeals (BOAA)

The Board of Adjustment and Appeals, established according to ARS § 11-807, consists of three to five members who serve four-year terms without compensation. The Board’s duties include the following:

  • Deciding on appeals proposing a variance to the terms of the Zoning Ordinance; and
  • Interpreting the Zoning Ordinance when its meaning is in doubt, there is a dispute between the appellant and enforcing officer, or the location of a district boundary is in doubt.

Those interested in serving on the Board of Adjustment and Appeals or the Planning and Zoning Commission may send a letter of interest to the address above or the e-mail address provided.

Current Board Members
Chairman: Dick Bruneau
Member: Mike Schacht
Member: Michael Bragiel
Member: Dan Muth

Open Meeting Law and Disclosure

2019 BOAA Meeting Schedule

BOAA Meeting History

Meeting Agendas contain the, Action Agenda, Video and Minutes for each meeting.