Apache County Comprehensive Plan

Vision Statement
Background Information
Land Use Element
Infrastructure and Services Element
Circulation Element
Exhibits (Maps)
Character Areas
Existing Circulation
Proposed Circulation Routes
Existing Conditions

What is the Comprehensive Plan?
In simplest terms, the Comprehensive Plan is a way for the county to plan for the future growth.

Each county is mandated by state law to develop a Comprehensive Plan, and it must be made “with the general purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted and harmonious development” of the county. ARS 11-804.A. Also, the Plan’s “purpose and effect shall be primarily as an aid to the county planning and zoning commission and to the board of supervisors in the performance of their duties.” ARS 11-804.A

The Planning & Zoning Commission is tasked with formulating the Plan. After the Commission recommends a final draft at a public hearing, the Board of Supervisors can adopt the plan and make any changes it feels necessary.

What is a Community Plan?
The Comprehensive Plan is a general plan for the whole county and does not attempt to address specific needs of each community. So we are encouraging communities to develop their own “Community Plans” that can be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan. A Community Plan is a land use plan for a specific area and addresses the unique needs of that community. For example, Concho, Alpine, and Nutrioso each have community plans.