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Annell Hounshell

Why are record searches usually requested?
To get copies of a Marriage License or Divorce Decree, to do background checks, obtain family information, child support pay history or criminal pay history.

Who needs to submit a Request for Access to Court Records form?

What records can be searched / requested?
Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal, Probate, Guardianship, Domestic, and Civil cases are all public record.

What records can not be searched by the public?
Adoption, Mental Health, and all other Dependency are closed to the public unless a Judge approves a release of documents. If you are requesting something out of a sealed file, a written letter of request to the Judge stating specifically what your interest is in the file, and what documents you want out of the file must be included with the Request for Access to Court Records form. It may take some time for the Judge to review and approve the request.

How long does it typically take for the Clerk’s office to respond to a record request search?
3-5 days depending on number of requests received and if the case file is in storage.

How will I know when my search results are ready?
Requests made by fax or mail will typically be mailed back when they are completed.
If you want to pick up materials in person at the Courthouse, the Clerk’s office can call you when they are ready and the materials will be available for you at the front desk. Searches requested by mail or fax must still be pre-paid.

You can pay for a record search by cash, check, money order, Visa, or Master Card.
Service  Price
Searching court records online FREE
Searching court records in person at the courthouse FREE
Research performed by the Clerk’s office $30.00
Copies of file document $0.50 per page
Certification $30.00 per document
Mailing or faxing search results $7.00
Mailing search results if SASE is provided with search request form FREE

Pursuant to ARS § 12-304 court fees for searches shall NOT be charged to:

  • The state, a county, city, town or political subdivision of a county.
    A commission, board or department of the state, county, city, town or political subdivision of a county.
    An official of the state, county, city, town, or political subdivision of a county who is a party to an action in his official capacity.
Information about Apache County Superior Court cases since approximately 1995 are posted online and can be searched for free by using the Arizona Judicial Branch Public Access to Court Information website.

To request access to the court records or to have the Clerk’s office perform a search for you, this Request for Access to Court Records form must be completed in hard copy and submitted to the Clerk’s office.

Adobe Acrobat PDF version of Request for Access to Court Records Form.

The completed form can be:

  • Faxed to the Clerk’s office (928) 337-2771
  • Mailed in to Annell Hounshell  Clerk of the Apache County Superior Court PO Box 365 St. Johns, AZ 85936 (include a check or money order for the fees).
  • Brought in person to the Clerk’s office in the Apache County Superior Courthouse at 70 West 3rd South, Saint Johns AZ which is three blocks south of the main street in Saint Johns.

Make sure the form is filled out completely specifying exactly what is needed from the file. Provide as much information as possible to help us find the file (name, birth date, SSN, case number, date or time period). Note on the form if you would like us to call you to come and pick up the materials in person.


You can request that the Clerk of the Court search the court records for information on a particular person or case using the Request for Access to Court Records Form.
The Clerk’s office will provide “essential information” to the public without a charge. Essential information is defined as being the case number, party names and filing date.
Requests for case information above and beyond these essential items will be charged a research fee.


If you come to the courthouse and search the records yourself, no search fee will be charged.
The Clerk’s Office is open from 8 am to 5 pm weekdays, except government holidays.
We are located in the Apache County Superior Courthouse at 70 West 3rd South, Saint Johns AZ which is three blocks South of the main street in Saint Johns.

NOTE: If the file you wish to search is in storage, there may be a wait of an hour or more while we retrieve it so please be prepared for this. If you can obtain a case number (try the online search) and call (928) 337-7550 to request the file prior to coming to the office in person, we can pull the file and have it ready for you when you arrive.