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Annell Clerk of the Apache County Superior Court
Annell Hounshell

The Clerk of the Superior Court is the record keeper for the Court, as well as the collector of all fees, fines, bonds, and restitution. The Clerk’s Office is the first stop in initiating any Superior Court action in Child Support, Civil (Passport, Marriage License, Protection Order, Divorce/Dissolution, Legal Records), Criminal (Appeals), Probate (Guardianship and Conservatorship), Mental Health, Tax or Domestic Relations Matters (Conciliation and Mediation, Paternity/Maternity). The Superior Court also oversees Juvenile Court filings such as Adoption, Dependency, Severance, and Delinquency Actions.

The Court Clerk is one of the oldest of public servant offices. The office can be traced back before Biblical times. The title is derived from the Middle Ages when a “clerk” was a member of a religious order. Since, for all practical purposes, the scholarship of the Middle Ages was limited to the clergy, the name “Clerk” came to be synonymous with “Scholar”. In 1272 AD the Office of the Clerk appears contained with the Corporation of Old London.

The Apache County Superior Court does not currently accept fax filings of Court Documents. Please submit case related documents by mail or in person at the Courthouse.
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