Dec 262016

Apache County Board  of Supervisors, Flood Control District, Library District, Public Health Services District, Jail District and Juvenile Jail District meetings are normally held the first Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. (MST) with the exception of Tuesday, March 10,  Tuesday, June 30, Tuesday, July 28, Monday, August 17 and Tuesday, November 10. Meetings are held in the Board of Supervisors meeting room, County Annex Building, 75 West Cleveland Street, St. Johns, Arizona with the exception of the following meetings. April 7, 2020, which will be held at the Ganado Road Yard Conference Room, Highway 264, Mile Marker 446.8 Ganado, Arizona as well as October 6, 2020, which will be held at the Chinle Road Yard, located 50 yard South of Old Mustang Store, Highway 191, Chinle, Arizona. Dates of regular Board of Supervisors meetings fr 2020:

BOS Meeting Schedule-Holidays