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Q. How do I report a crime

A. If you believe a crime has been committed, you should contact the
appropriate law enforcement agency. For an emergency anywhere in Apache County dial 911.

Q. Can I report a crime anonymously?

A. An investigation by the local police department or sheriff’s office needs to take place before a case is submitted to the Apache County Attorney’s office.

Q. What number do I call to report a case to Child Protective Services?

A. 1-888-767-2445 or 1-888-SOS-CHILD

Q. How do I press charges if someone in my home is being physically or sexually abused?

A. If this is an emergency, call 911. If not, the Apache County Attorney’s office receives cases through law enforcement agencies.

If the incident(s) occurred within a city, call the appropriate police department – St. Johns Police Department at 337-2440, Eagar Police Department at 333-4127. If the incident(s) occurred on the Navajo Nation Reservation call the Navajo Nation Police at 928 871-6581.

Q. How do I get an Order of Protection to keep my partner from harming me and/or my children?

A. Orders of Protection can be issued by a justice of the peace, municipal or superior court judge.

Q. What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

A. A misdemeanor is a crime punishable by a fine and no more than a year in jail. A felony is a crime that can carry a prison sentence in the Arizona State Department of Corrections for more than one year.

Q. What is the difference between Justice Court and Superior Court?

A. Justice Court handles misdemeanor cases. Justice court also conducts preliminary hearing to determine if probable cause exists for felony charges. Felonies are tried in the Superior Court.

Q. What is the penalty for a misdemeanor?

A. Class 1 misdemeanors: Maximum of 6 months in jail, $2, 500.00 fine, 3 years probation. Class 2 misdemeanors: Maximum of 4 months in jail, $7,50.00 find, 2 years probation. Class 3 misdemeanor: Maximum of 30 days in jail, $500.00 fine, 1 year probation. There are also petty offenses. The maximum fine for these is $300.00.

Q. Where can I get a police report?

A. If you are a defendant and your case is set for a pretrial conference, your lawyer or you will get a free copy. If you want to see the report more quickly, you may obtain it directly from the law enforcement agency at a small charge. If you are a victim or witness, you can obtain a police report from the law enforcement agency at a small charge.

Q. How can I contact the prosecutor assigned to my case?

A. You may call the Apache County Attorney’s office at (928) 337-7560. You will need to know the defendant’s name and court case number.The prosecutors are often in court all day, so please be prepared to leave a message with a phone number where you can be called back for before and after 5:00 p.m.

Q. Do I have to testify at a trial if I don’t want to?

A. If you are the defendant, you have a right to remain silent and the judge and jury are not allowed to hold your silence against you. If you are a witness or a victim, however, you must testify. If you have concerns about testifying, talk to the prosecutor in the case.  

For answers to any other questions please contact the Attorney’s Office.