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Apache County Attorney’s Office
Michael B. Whiting, County Attorney
“one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
Mission Statement

The mission of the Apache County Attorney’s Office is to protect all the citizens of Apache County by providing the impartial
administration of Arizona’s laws and provide legal services to each Apache County entity.

Some of the Duties of the County Attorney Include:

  • Filing and defending lawsuits on behalf of the County.
  • Prosecuting both adult and juvenile offenders charged in felony cases and those misdemeanor cases that occur within the county.
  • Promoting Victims’ Rights by providing legal advocacy services, a victim compensation program and mandated notification of all scheduled court hearings.
  • Act as the legal advisor to the board of supervisors, attend its meetings and oppose claims against the county which the county attorney deems unjust or illegal.
  • When required, give a written opinion to county officers on matters relating to the duties of their offices.

To view all the Powers and duties of a County Attorney please see Arizona Revised Statue 11-532.