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 Apache County Assessor Rodger Dahozy
Mission Statement:

“It is our goal to be responsive to our citizens, delivering accurate and fair property assessments annually, while inspiring confidence in local government.”

What We Do

The Apache County Assessor’s office is currently under the care of Assessor, Rodger Dahozy, and is currently staffed by ten full time employees and is divided into two work functions; property appraisal and assessment administration.

The Assessor is responsible for locally assessed real and personal property.

Real property consists of land and buildings including affixed manufactured housing. Also included are all types of improvements on possessory rights (IPRs) and land used for agricultural purposes.

Personal property includes property used for commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes, and residential unsecured manufactured housing.

Revenues generated from taxable primary property value are used to fund the general operating and maintenance expenses of taxing jurisdictions, budget override levies, debt service on bonded indebtedness, and for the purposes intended by any special assessments.

Go Green: Sign up now for Electronic Notifications! Some of the benefits of E-Notifications are:

  • Fast. E-Statements will be received days before paper statements would arrive in the mail.
  • Efficient. E-Statements contain the same information as traditional paper notifications.
  • Environmentally Friendly. E-Statements conserve resources (paper).
  • Cost Effective. E-Statements lower printing and mailing cost.

To register for e-notification please click, Apache, enter Eagle Assessor, and complete a parcel
information search to locate your account. Click Verify E-Mail on the left-hand side of the page.
Enter your Key Code (printed on the top of your Annual Notice of Value), e-mail address and hit Submit.
If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the Assessor’s office at (928)337-7624
and we will be glad to assist you.


If you missed the deadline to appeal with the Assessor, you can still appeal your Full Cash Value with the Arizona Tax Court before December 15 of the valuation year. Go to the following link for more information on Arizona Tax Court.

Please follow the instructions for mailing and cost to file a Tax Court Appeal with the Maricopa County Superior Court, who handles all Arizona Tax Court cases. Do not send Tax Court forms to the Assessor’s Office.

 Apache County Assessor
Rodger Dahozy
PO Box 770
St. Johns, Arizona 85936
Phone: (928) 337-7624
Fax: (928) 337-3386
E-Mail Me!
 Visit us at:
Apache County Annex Building
75 West Cleveland Street 1st Floor
Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday
6:30 AM – 5:30 PM