Apache County Recorder

About Apache County Recorders Office

The Recorder is responsible for the preservation and indexing of all recorded documents in Apache County.

What Kind of Documents can be recorded for a fee of $10.00 for each document (first five pages)

Home Site Leases
Real Estate Transactions
Deeds of Trust
Family Trusts
Personal Property
Tax Liens
Military DD214 (Free)

Any recorded document is considered as an original. Our recorded and preserved documents date back to 1879.  Copies of all of these records are easily searchable and available upon your request.

Online Payments

We now have the option of allowing you to pay online using Point & Pay.

There will be a convenience fee from Point & Pay, of a minimum of $2.00 for this service, which will be presented for your review before you submit your payment.

If you wish to pay for recorded document(s) or blank form(s) click on this link. Pay Online