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Apache County Government
(928) 337-4364

County Annex Building, St. Johns


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In this location you will find:
  • Assessor
  • Board of Supervisor’s Meeting Room
  • Community Development
    Building Permits
    Electrical Permits
    Manufactured Home Permits
  • County Manager
  • District III Supervisor
  • Elections Main Office
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • GIS/Mapping
  • Information Technology
  • Public Fiduciary
  • Public Health District Main Office
  • Environmental Health Services
    Well and Septic Permits
    Food Permit
  • Recorder
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Treasurer
  • Vital Records
    Birth and Death Certificates
Click any of the Locations below.
Attorney’s Office Building
St. Johns
Probation Services Administration is also at this location.
Court House
St. Johns
Apache County Clerk of the Court and St. Johns Justice of the Peace offices are also at this location.
District ISupervisor Joe Shirley Jr.
Chinle – Main Office
District I has sub-offices in Rock Point and Tees Nos Pos.
District II Supervisor Alton Joe Shepherd
Ft. Defiance – Main Office
District II has a sub-office in Ganado.
District IIISupervisor Doyel Shamley
St. Johns – Main Office
District III  has a sub-office at Round Valley Road Yard 7 South Highway 180 Eagar
Fair Grounds
St. Johns
Fair Dates September 9th – 12th, 2015
Human Resources
St. Johns
This office is location on the first floor of the County Annex Building across from the Board of Supervisor Meeting Room.
Justice of the Peace Courts Chinle Justice Court, Puerco (Sanders) Justice Court, Round Valley Justice Court and St. Johns Justice Court
Library District Buildings Library District Administration Building, Alpine Public Library, Concho Public Library, Greer Memorial Library, Round Valley Public Library, Sanders Public Library, St. Johns Public Library and Vernon Public Library
Probation Departments Chambers Field Office, Chinle Field Office, Ft. Defiance Field Office, Administration, St. Johns Field Office, and Round Valley Field Office.
Public Health Services District
Road Yard Locations Chambers, Chinle, Ft. Defiance, Ganado, Rock Point, Round Valley, St. Johns and Teec Nos Pos
Rodeo Grounds
View the Rental Information for the Arena and the Blue Building.
Round Valley Annex Building
Several county entities are located at this building.
Sheriff’s Office/County Jail
St. Johns
Sheriff has sub-offices in Ft. Defiance,  Round Valley and Sanders.
Superintendent of Schools
St. Johns
This office is located behind or north of the County Annex Building.