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Rochelle Hubbell-Spencer
Apache County Wellness Coordinator
Missy Jenson, MS, CWWPM
1905 W. Washington St. Suite 201
Phoenix, AZ  85009
602-374-4495 ext. 205

May 2018 Top Health News Letter – English
May 2018 Top Health News Letter – Spanish 
To access the TopHealth Online issue you can copy and paste
http://www.personalbest.com/TopHealthOnline/Access.aspx?login=erinpcollins&password=johnson&issue=1003 into your web browser. Also, if you want to bookmark this website, add the above link in your favorites.
2018 Sweet Saving Diabetes Program Flyer

2018 Updated Enrollment Packet

Talk to a doctor anytime! So many reasons to use Teladoc
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2018 ALZGEBT Wellness Guide
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