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Child Passenger Instructor Services
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Professional Specialty – Certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Trainer
To increase the amount of certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians in the rural areas of southern and northern Apache County.

  • To provide access for Instructor services in the rural areas of southern and northern Apache County.
  • To network with agencies who work with children to promote car seat and seat belt safety.
  • To offer individuals in the community training to become certified child passenger safety technicians.
  • To assist the community with car seat/seat belt education.
National Child Passenger Safety Certification Program: A Partnership
NHTSA[1] National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Developed the original curriculum in the mid-1990s
  • Updates content as needed.
  • CPS information.
  • CPS recalls
  • Curriculum updates.
cpslogo[1] National Child Passenger Safety Board

  • Oversees the quality and integrity of the training and certification requirements
  • Latest certification manuals.
  • Committee information
logo[1] Certifying Body – Safe Kids Worldwide

  • Responsible for administering all aspects of certification
  • Policies and procedures available online, including re certification and instructor candidacy information.
  • Latest certification manuals.
  • Frequently asked questions.
  • Links and resources.
  • Directory of nationally certified CPSTs and instructors
  • Communication with technicians (CPS Express, Tech Updates).
Instructors who have received certification through Safe Kids Worldwide are able to offer classes to individuals interested in becoming certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Successful technicians are able to put their knowledge and skills to work through a variety of activities, including child safety seat checks in which parents and caregivers receive education and help with the proper installation and use of child restraints (car seats) and seat belts systems.
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