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Public Health Emergency Preparedness prepares the community for and responds to public health emergencies and disasters, whether natural or man-made.

We benefit our local, regional, state, national and global communities best by maintaining and enhancing expertise in the field of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and providing the community with guidance, strategies, structures, plans, services and education in preparation for and in response to public health emergencies.
Therefore, we coordinate training’s to prepare the community to help itself. Without the help of volunteers, we could not accomplish our mission.

In order to fulfill our mission, we will work with stakeholders to:

  1. Prevent or mitigate public health emergencies through rigorous detection, education, communication, evidence-based practices and surveillance methods.
  2. Prepare for public health emergencies through comprehensive planning, training, simulation, evaluation and operational experience,
  3. Respond to public health emergencies by coordination, reaction, reporting, communication and evaluation.
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The Apache County Emergency Management Plan is so large it may not be viewed from this page,  you can  E-Mail the Director she will provide this information to you!

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