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Apache County Public Health District – Clinical Services Division
Cleta Keller RN, BSN – Division Manager
“Healthy People – Healthy Environment”
 FamilyP[1] Family Planning Title V Program
…. Promoting Optimal Health For Arizona Women …
Valerie Simpson
Program Coordinator

Phone: (928) 333-2415 Ext *6524
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We provide comprehensive family planning and reproductive health services to promote optimal health to Arizona Women.

Program services promote responsible and healthy lifestyles by providing accurate information, education, and counseling to people regarding their reproductive health and family planning options.

Services Offered

  • Family Planning Counseling – for Women, Men, and Teens
  • Maintaining your Reproductive Health
  • Breast and Cervical cancer Screenings, and referrals
  • Contraceptive counseling, supplies
  • Testing and treatment for STD’s
  • HIV testing, counseling
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Condom Supplies
  • Domestic Violence Counseling and referrals
  • These Services are CONFIDENTIAL and offered to clients that do not have health insurance.

Please call Coordinator (928) 333-2415 Ext. *6523

Clinic is located in Round Valley.