P&Z Meeting Minutes – 02/01/2018


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MINUTES FOR February 1, 2018

In Attendance:

Commissioners  Staff 
Oscar Miranda, Chairman Devin Brown, Director
John Freeman, Vice-Chairman Joe Young, County Attorney
Dan Muth Shanna Pearce, Executive Assistant
Kay Hauser (Absent) Zenica Hall, Administrative Assistant
Carey Dobson (Absent)
Bobby Fite
Jim Thornhill
Brad Peterson
Terry Smith (Absent)
Michael Bragiel

Working Lunch Session

Call to Order 12:00 p.m.

Item #1 Update from Greer about the progress of their community plan.

John Freeman discussed the process of the Greer community meetings. John explained that the Greer Community plan is intended to be the directive for Planning & Zoning and the Board of Supervisors when making decisions regarding land use in Greer.

John and commissioners discussed the openness of the community meetings and ways to notify the public about meetings. Commissioners talked about open meeting laws.

Members from the Greer community also discussed and talked about the Greer
community plan and the openness of the meetings.

Adjourned 1:05 p.m.

Regular Meeting

Item #1 Call to Order

Chairman Oscar Miranda called the meeting to order at 1:16 p.m.

Item #2 Roll Call/Determination of a Quorum.

Chairman Oscar Miranda stated a quorum was present. Seven (7) commissioners present.

Item #3 Call to the public

No public in attendance.

Item #4 Approval of the minutes from the December 7, 2017 meeting.

Chairman Oscar Miranda opened for a motion.
Commissioner Bobby Fite moved to approve.
Commissioner Brad Peterson seconded the motion.
Vote, unanimous

Item #5 Discussion of the Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan.

Devin provided the commissions with a rough draft for the comprehensive plan and explained that it kept all the main provisions of the 2004 along with a few new topics based on community desires.

Commissioner Jim Thornhill noted he would like to see a comparison if the 2004 plan with the proposed changes.

Devin explained that the added sections of 1) Preserving rural character 2) Approving the appearance and 3) Preserving low regulation environment were taken out of public meetings.

Dan expressed concerns with the Rural Edge Character Area minimum parcel size and dwelling unit, and how it should be increased to protect the rural areas. Asked that D.U. be defined in the plan.

Oscar Miranda expressed concerns with Wildcat subdivision. Commission discussed the use of county money and preventing wildcat subdivisions through zoning.

Discussed improvement district’s and definitions.

Commissioners discussed possible changes to the zoning ordinance after the Comprehensive plan is finished.

Bobby Fite read from an article about prop 207 and expressed his concerns about it.

John Freeman recommended not using the word “maximizing” in conjunction with the words “economic development.”

Discussed Zoning regulations and community plans.

Devin and Commission discussed code enforcement and regulations.

Item #6 Report from Staff to the Commission.

Staff received a conditional use application for a community center in Concho, will be on the March 1, 2018 agenda.

Item #7 Adjourn

Chairman Oscar Miranda opened for a motion.
Commissioner Brad Peterson moved to approve.
Commissioner John Freeman seconded the motion.

Adjourned 3:00 p.m.