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July 18, 2017
St. Johns, Arizona

Present were: Chairman Joe Shirley, Jr. and Alton Joe Shepherd. Also present, County Manager/Clerk of the Board Delwin Wengert and County Attorney Michael Whiting. Vice Chairman Doyel Shamley participated via the telephone.

Chairman Shirley called to order the Board of Supervisors meeting at 8:34 a.m. in the Chinle District I Road Yard, Administrative Building, U.S. Highway 191mile post 446.9 and welcomed all in attendance.

Charlotte Begay gave the invocation.

Ferrin Crosby led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Wengert presented the Consent Agenda items. Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Mr. County Manager/Clerk of the Board: A. Request approval of demands as distributed to the Apache County Board of Supervisors between July 5, 2017 to July 18, 2017. Payee Amount COVEY, JOSHUA T    2,220.75 CRISS CANDELARIA LAW OFFICE 2,359.50 HOME DEPOT 1,528.76 JENNINGS HAUG & CUNNINGHAM LLP 1,276.00 LABORATORY CORP OF AMERICA 1,006.00 MEAD PUBLISHING 2,500.00 NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA  0127 1,182.55 NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA  1587 1,055.98 NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA 0085    2,876.55 NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA 0186 1,835.65 NATIONAL BUSINESS FURNITURE    2,374.36 NAVAJO COUNTY 5,000.00 NORTHLAND PIONEER COLLEGE 300,000.00 QUILL CORP 3,361.29 RECROOMS.COM    2,499.00 SANDOVAL, PATRICK J 1,769.05 THE LIGHTHOUSE INC 3,734.13 TRINITY SERVICES GROUP INC 14,525.13 TYCO INTEGRATED SECURITY LLC 5,051.28 UMP INC 2,158.89 US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY 5,600.00 VERIZON WIRELESS 1,207.42 WAL-MART COMMUNITY 2,114.64 WOODLAND BUILDING CENTER 2,417.23 WRIGHT EXPRESS FSC    3,460.62 YOUNG, JOSEPH 1,250.57 SYSTEM EXCHANGE CORPORATION 1,250.00 THE AARONS COMPANY LLC 3,000.00 TRACKER SOFTWARE CORP 3,074.00 BAKER LAW OFFICES 2,619.51 BAUMAN HOME AND AUTO INC 1,774.32 CDW GOVERNMENT LLC 2,101.59 CRIBS FOR KIDS INC 1,302.35 DESERT MOUNTAIN CORPORATION 32,118.29 FRONTIER 1,793.00 L R INVESTIGATIONS LLC    1,120.00 NATIONAL BUSINESS FURNITURE 16,189.06 NAVOPACHE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 1,808.85 NEWMAN SIGNS INC 2,542.43 PSYCHOLOGICAL AND CONSULTING SERVICES 6,000.00 QUILL CORP 4,303.42 SCHIFF, LAURENCE 1,400.00  SOUTHWEST LAND ACQUISITIONS 2,582.48 TRUCK WORKS HOLDINGS LLC 20,047.94 VERIZON WIRELESS 1,351.38 WHITING, GARRET LEE 1,518.70 ABEITA GLASS CO  2,400.00 ARCHER MANUFACTURING 2,280.00 AZ COUNTIES INSURANCE POOL  491,263.00 AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES 1,655.00 AZ STATE GOVERNMENT 126,000.00 BENDER, JUDITH A 6,100.00 BRIMHALL, KALEB 3,212.10 DIRECTV LLC 1,991.88 DRURY INN & SUITES – PHX AIRPORT 1,499.40 HILLYARD/FLAGSTAFF 1,384.24 MCBRIDE, WESLEY EBEN 1,035.00 NAVOPACHE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 6,767.46 PITNEY BOWES RESERVE ACCOUNT 7,000.00 SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES INC 1,283.38 TJP COMMUNICATIONS 3,288.60 Shirley, Joe 2,079.38 Rogers, Kent 1,133.70 Stradling, Reed 1,437.35 King, Walter Scott 1,188.25 Burbank, Lorenzo    1,077.61 AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE ASSURANCE    1,125.05 APACHE COUNTY HSA 3,226.67 APACHE COUNTY MEDICAL 157,931.40 APACHE COUNTY TAX WITHHOLDING 135,226.99 ASRS LEGACY EORP 1,089.96 AZ STATE RETIREMENT SYSTEM 91,446.97 COLONIAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INS 1,256.35 CORRECTIONS OFFICER RET PLAN    6,904.38 CORRECTIONS OFFICER RETIREMENT PLAN 520 5,002.99 EORP LEGACY 1,288.26 NATIONWIDE    1,955.00 NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT SOL EODCRS 1,030.62 PUBLIC SAFETY PERSONNEL 401 7,699.10 PUBLIC SAFETY SHERIFF RET    48,460.94 SUPPORT PAYMENT CLEARINGHOUSE 2,384.54 AZ DEPT OF RISK MANAGEMENT 1,895.51 FRAME N ART 1,071.00 Demands are payments made, or to be made, by the County. Specific details of the demands may be requested through the County public record request process. B. Request approval of minutes dated July 5, 2017. Personnel Items: C. Building & Maintenance: Request approval to increase the hours of Custodian Michelle Joy from 24 to 40 per week, effective July 31, 2017.  D. Treasurer’s Office: Discussion and possible approval of a “Certificate of Abatement of Taxes” pursuant to ARS 42-18351, 42-18352 and 42-18353. Total tax abated: five thousand, four hundred forty four dollars and 38 cents ($5,440.38), total interest to be abated: fourteen thousand, nine hundred thirteen dollars and 21 cents ($14,913.21), Total fees to be abated one thousand, five hundred sixty dollars and 46 cents ( $1,560.46) for a total of twenty one thousand, nine hundred fourteen dollars and 5 cents ($21,914.05). A list of the parcels is available in the County Manager’s Office or in the back-up material online.  A discussion was held on the increase in hours for Michelle Joy. A discussion was held regarding the reason for the tax abatements. Chief Deputy Treasurer David Romero  and Treasurer Marleita Begay explained the reason for the abatement. Vote was unanimous.

Ferrin Crosby, County Engineer, requested approval to purchase a service truck for District II Utilizing the City of Mesa Contract #2016108, at a cost of one hundred eleven thousand, eight hundred dollars ($111,800.00), using District II HURF Carry Over Funds. Mr. Shamley moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shepherd. Vote was unanimous.

Ferrin Crosby, County Engineer, presented the item following a possible executive session for legal advice pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03 (A)(3), discussion and possible approval to terminate the blasting contract with Fisher Industries/Arizona Drilling and Blasting. Chairman Shirley stated he did not believe an executive session was needed. Mr. Shamley moved to approve the termination of the blasting contract, seconded by Mr. Shepherd. Vote was unanimous.

There was no one wanting to address the Board during call to the public.

Approved this 7th day of August 2017.

/s/ Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr.                          /s/ Delwin Wengert
Chairman of the Board                         Clerk of the Board