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May 2, 2017
St. Johns, Arizona

Present were: Vice Chairman Doyel Shamley and Supervisor Alton Joe Shepherd. Also present, County Manager/Clerk of the Board Delwin Wengert and Chief Deputy County Attorney Joe Young. Chairman Joe Shirley, Jr. was excused from the meeting due to travel.

Vice Chairman Shamley called to order the Board of Supervisors meeting at 8:32 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors chambers, County Annex Building, 75 West Cleveland Street, St. Johns, Arizona, and welcomed all in attendance.

Barry Williams led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ferrin Crosby gave the invocation.

Vice Chairman Shamley called for the Library District items.

SueAn Stradlng-Collins requested the e-rate contract with Frontier in the amount of two hundred seventy four thousand, four hundred sixteen dollars ($274,416.00) for special construction of transport for future broadband services to six libraries contingent upon federal and state funding be removed from the Agenda. Vice Chairman Shamley removed the item.

SueAn Stradling-Collings Discussion and possible approval of the Strategic Plan for the Alpine Public Library. Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Mr. Wengert commended Ms. Stradling-Collins for the good work being done in the library. Ms. Stradling-Collins provided an overview of a recent event that was held at the Library in Round Valley.
Motion passed.

Mr. Shepherd made the motion to adjourn the Library District meeting, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Vote was unanimous.

Vice Chairman Shamley called for the Jail District item.

Commander Michael Cirivello requested approval for a price increase for Trinity Food Service. Commander Cirivello stated the increase is being requested to offset the increase in the minimum wage. Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Motion passed.

Mr. Shepherd made the motion to adjourn the Jail District meeting, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Motion passed.

Vice Chairman Shamley called for the regular agenda items.

Apache Sitgreaves National Forest (ASNF), Springerville Ranger Richard Madril and ASNF Fire and Fuels Specialist Rob Lever, provided an update on the upcoming fire season outlook. No action was needed or taken.

President Jeanne Swarthout, President, Northland Pioneer College, informed the Board she would be leaving the college and the college is currently in a presidential search mode and by June, 2018 the governing Board of the college will name a new president. President Swarthout and the Board held a discussion on the activities, programs and challenges facing the college. No action was needed or taken.

Chris Sexton Health Director, and Malena Bazurto Grants Coordinator, presented and update on the progress of demolition at Cabin Cove in South Fork. No action was needed or taken.

Mr. Wengert present the Consent items A-C. County Manager/Clerk of the Board: Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shamley. A. Request approval of demands as distributed to the Apache County Board  of Supervisors between April 18, 2017 and May 2, 2017. Payee Amount ARIZONA SURVEYING & MAPPING 2,000.00 AZ COUNTIES INSURANCE POOL 2,501.72 AZ COUNTIES WORKERS COMPENSATION PLAN 46,447.81 AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES 2,542.30  AZ DEPT OF REVENUE 1,357.05 BRADCO 10,399.66 BROWN, BAUER K    1,300.00 CLARK, ALBERT N 1,300.00 CLYDE, VICTOR J 1,790.82 COURTESY CHEVROLET 35,155.17 COVEY, JOSHUA T 2,064.82 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO 1,149.05 DEDMAN, JOSEPH Junior 1,300.00 DIAMOND DRUGS INC 1,725.07 EAGAR, BRANNON 1,300.00 EIGHTYNINE A LLC 1,123.90 FERRELLGAS 1,364.96 FRONTIER 4,416.30 GOODMANS INTERIOR STRUCTURES 4,808.12  HILLYARD/FLAGSTAFF 2,372.41 INGRAM LIBRARY SERVICES 3,391.57 JENNINGS HAUG & CUNNINGHAM LLP 4,744.00 LATHAM, MICHAEL 1,213.45 NAVAJO TRIBAL UTILITY AUTHORITY 1,916.13 NAVOPACHE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 11,695.06  NORCHEM DRUG TESTING LABORATORY 1,678.00 PERFECT PRINTZ LLC 2,467.19 QUILL CORP 5,325.41 REDW LLC 2,000.00 RIM COUNTRY MECHANICAL 1,350.00 SANDOVAL, PATRICK J 1,071.28 SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES INC 1,955.63 SETON NAME PLATE CO 1,524.00 SHELL OIL 1,228.14 SKY BLUE HVAC LLC 4,517.00 SPIVEY, LANCE 1,125.00 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA  6,250.00 THOMSON REUTERS WEST 2,614.24 VALLEY AUTO PARTS 1,504.74 WAITE, STACY A 1,500.00 WEBGROUP MEDIA LLC 2,430.00 WESTERN DETENTION PRODUCTS INC 1,712.82 WHITING, GARRET LEE 1,800.00 WOODLAND BUILDING CENTER 1,466.86 WORLD OF TRAVEL 2,313.60 YELLOWHORSE, JAY 1,489.12 Shirley, Joe Junior 2,087.10 Rogers, Kent 1,134.05 Stradling, Reed 1,437.77 Wilkins, Lane R 1,015.45 Oakes, Christopher  L 4,083.45 King, Walter Scott 1,188.65 Burbank, Lorenzo 1,077.93 AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE ASSURANCE 1,173.41 APACHE COUNTY HSA 2,429.58 APACHE COUNTY MEDICAL 153,348.95 APACHE COUNTY TAX WITHHOLDING 138,801.60 ASRS LEGACY EORP 1,089.96 AZ STATE RETIREMENT SYSTEM 91,480.84 COLONIAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INS 1,286.44 CORRECTIONS OFFICER RET PLAN 6,385.09 CORRECTIONS OFFICER RETIREMENT PLAN 520 4,549.33 EORP LEGACY 1,288.26 NATIONWIDE 1,830.00 NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT SOL EODCRS 1,030.62 PUBLIC SAFETY PERSONNEL 401 7,744.21 PUBLIC SAFETY SHERIFF RET 39,762.60 SUPPORT PAYMENT CLEARINGHOUSE 2,781.02 NAVAJO TIMES PUBLISHING COMPANY INC 1,043.44 TJP COMMUNICATIONS 3,470.08 ADHS AZ HEALTH CARE COST 22,400.00 AMAZON COM INC 2,507.78 ASHTONS REPAIR INC 1,417.43 AVAYA COMMUNICATIONS 1,603.62 AZ DRILLING AND BLASTING 170,734.35 BAUMAN HOME AND AUTO INC 1,867.80 BOOT BARN 1,115.36 BRADCO 17,190.14 CELLULAR ONE NE AZ 1,455.27 CHEVRON USA INC 1,306.70 CORONADO LAW FIRM PLLC 2,277.50 CRISS CANDELARIA LAW OFFICE 1,881.00 DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION 1,565.28 EARTH MOVER TIRE SALES INC 7,169.80 ELECTIONS SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE 4,227.63  EMPIRE MACHINERY 12,832.39 FRONTIER 8,533.07 GALL’S INC 1,376.21 GALLUP LUMBER & SUPPLY 2,336.98 GOLIGHTLY TIRE 3,805.97 INGRAM LIBRARY SERVICES 2,613.99 JCG TECHNOLOGIES INC 4,733.73 JE FULLER HYDROLOGY & GEOMORPHOLOGY INC 27,900.00 LOOMIS 1,147.16 MOORE LAW FIRM PLLC 1,468.50 NATIONAL TACTICAL OFFICE ASSN 1,077.00 NAVAJO TRIBAL UTILITY AUTHORITY 2,671.35 NAVOPACHE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 3,576.33 OVERDRIVE INC 4,027.35 PIMENTEL CONTRACT CLEANING 4,990.00 PROFORCE LAW ENFORCEMENT 1,156.28 QUILL CORP 10,034.18 SANDOVAL, PATRICK J 1,315.74 SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES INC 1,590.70 SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP 1,746.83 SHOW LOW FORD INC 1,004.56 SUPERIOR CLEANING EQUIPMENT 4,100.00 SW ECOLOGY LLC 1,720.00 THOMSON REUTERS WEST 4,216.31 TJP COMMUNICATIONS 3,795.19 TOWN OF EAGAR 1,700.00 VERIZON WIRELESS 2,461.25 X DIAMOND RANCH 2,320.00 TOWERING HOUSE EVENT SERVICES LLC 2,428.13 NAVAJO TRIBAL UTILITY AUTHORITY 11,415.88 Demands are payments made, or to be made, by the County. Specific details of the demands may be requested through the County public record request process. B. Request approval of minutes dated April 17, 2017 and April 18, 2017. C. Request approval of a Proclamation supporting Buena Vista Children’s Services, a non-profit organization for child abuse prevention. This Proclamation was also approved last year. Motion Passed.


WHEREAS, Buena Vista Children’s Services, Inc. is a community-based, grassroots, nonprofit organization that offers child abuse prevention awareness, children’s advocacy and child care recruitment services for the Department of Economic Security, Education and Professional Development in Navajo, Apache and Yavapai Counties; and

WHEREAS, every child in entitled to be loved, cared for, secure and safe, and it is the responsibility of our society to protect every child’s inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and

WHEREAS, the hidden epidemic of child abuse, which crossed all boundaries of income, race, religion and ethnicity, continues to be one the our most serious public health issues, with over 90 percent of abuse perpetrated by people that children know, love and trust, and

WHEREAS, children who survive child abuse endure lasting physical, mental and emotional scars, including feeling of shame, self-doubt, poor self-image, the inability to trust others, learning disabilities, sleep disturbances, dating violence, difficulty in trust and coping skills, and eating, speech or post-traumatic stress disorders; and

WHEREAS, child abuse and neglect can be reduced by providing safe havens and emotional, social, legal and financial support for victims and at-risk families; and by holding offenders accountable, we can ensure that all of Arizona’s children grow to their full potential as healthy citizens; and

WHEREAS, providing the proper support and enhancing a child’s understanding of his or her own self-worth are crucial components in providing a bright future in raising healthy Arizona children.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Joe Shirley, Chairman on behalf of the Apache County Board of Supervisors, do hereby proclaim this month of April, 2017 as Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month.

IN THE COUNTY OF Apache and urge all citizens to cherish our children and protect them from harm.

Dated this 2nd day of May, 2017.


/s/ Joe Shirley, Jr.                                /s/ Delwin Wengert
Chairman of the Board                         Clerk of the Board

Angela Romero, Election Director, requested removing the item to publish the Call and Notice of Election for the Alpine School District for the sale of school property to be held on August 29, 2017. Vice Chairman Shamley removed the item.

Angela Romero, Election Director, requested to remove the item to conduct the Alpine School District Election as an “All Mail” ballot election to be held on August 29, 2017. Vice Chairman Shamley removed the item.

Angela Romero, Election Director, requested removal the and appointment of all tally board workers, replacement centers and drop boxes for the upcoming August 29, 2017 Special “All Mail” Ballot Election. Vice Chairman Shamley removed the item.

Malena Bazurto, Grants Manager, requested approval to accept or reject bid number “Grandstands 138-17” for the grandstands which is part of the Apache County CDBG project at the St. Johns fairgrounds. Ms. Bazurto stated only one bid was received, and the company discounted 10% discount and an additional $1,960. Ms. Bazurto stated the bid is $11,479 over budget and requested approval of a cost share between Apache County and the City of St. Johns to split the cost. Mr. Wengert stated the $6,000 would be taken from contingency funds. Mr. Shepherd moved to approve the bid award to Dant Clayton Corporation in the amount of $86,306.00, Mr. Shamley asked if there was anyone from the City of St. Johns to speak to their Agreement to the portion. Ryan Patterson, Mayor of St. Johns stated the city is in support of the cost sharing. Mr. Shamley seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Mr. Wengert requested removal of the item for the distribution of funds for the Secure Rural Schools in the amount of thirty thousand, two hundred sixty four dollars and thirty two cents ($30,264.32) and the funds will be used to purchase equipment for the County Limestone Pit. Mr. Shamley provided an overview of the history of the Secure Rural Schools program and the significant drop is funding. Mr. Shamley stated there are appeals filed that may affect the funding so he would like to remove this item from the agenda until more information on the funding disbursement can be clarified.  Vice Chairman Shamley removed the item.

Mr. Wengert requested approval of a lease agreement between Apache County and Sun State Towers III, LLC, for a cell tower located in Vernon, Arizona. Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Eric Hurley, a representative from Sun State Towners addressed the Board and provided an overview of the lease and location. A discussion was held regarding the negotiation process and the size of the tower footprint for the lease. Motion passed.

Mr. Wengert requested approval of the Liquor License Application recommendation (09010012) for William Jackson (Trisha Haley) Jiffy Store, Highway 61, Concho, Arizona. Mr. Wengert stated this was due to a change in ownership and the Board’s recommendation will be sent on to the liquor board in Phoenix. Mr. Shepherd moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Motion passed.

There was no member of the public wanting to address the Board during call to the public. Mr. Shepherd introduced representatives from Nahata Dziil Chapter, Raymond Smith, Jr., Yvonne
Murphy, James Watchman, Jr.

Mr. Shepherd moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Motion passed.

Approved this 16th day of May, 2017

/s/ Joe Shirley, Jr.                                /s/ Delwin Wengert
Chairman of the Board                         Clerk of the Board