BOS Meeting Minutes – 01/03/2018


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January 3, 2018
St. Johns, Arizona

Present were: Chairman Alton Joe Shepherd, Vice Chairman Doyel Shamley and Supervisor Joe Shirley, Jr. Also present was Interim Clerk/Manager Ryan Patterson and County Attorney Michael Whiting.

Chairman Shepherd called to order the Board of Supervisors meeting at 8:32 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors chambers, County Annex Building, 75 West Cleveland Street, St. Johns, Arizona, and welcomed all in attendance.

Chief Brannan Eagar led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jeff Udall gave the invocation.

Mr. Patterson presented the Consent Agenda Items A-E. Mr. Shirley moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shamley. County Manager/Clerk of the Board: A. Request approval of demands as distributed to the Apache County Board of Supervisors between December 19, 2017 to January 3, 2018. Payee Amount AZ DEPT OF REVENUE 3,785.55 ADHS AZ HEALTH CARE COST 22,400.00 AUTOMATED ELECTION SERVICES 8,323.92 AZ COUNTIES INSURANCE POOL 1,500.00 BAUMAN HOME AND AUTO INC 1,362.99 BLUE 360 MEDIA LLC 1,300.20 BRADCO 39,330.97 BREWER LAW OFFICE PLLC 8,500.00 COCONINO COUNTY 3,420.00 COURTESY CHEVROLET 38,432.31 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO 1,986.63 DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION 3,388.44 DIAMOND DRUGS INC 4,547.41 DISCOUNT TIRE 1,221.11 EMPIRE MACHINERY 1,128.52 EVERBRIDGE INC 23,648.28 FRONTIER 1,199.06 GALLUP LUMBER & SUPPLY 2,723.47 GMCO CORPORATION 11,200.98 GOLIGHTLY TIRE 4,617.21 HOME DEPOT 3,176.66 INGRAM LIBRARY SERVICES 4,227.19 JCG TECHNOLOGIES INC 1,495.18 NAVAJO TRIBAL UTILITY AUTHORITY 5,120.09 NAVAJO TRIBAL UTILITY AUTHORIT 2,917.27 NAVOPACHE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 11,936.34 NORCHEM DRUG TESTING LABORATORY 1,091.70 OVERDRIVE INC 1,142.37 PACIFIC PONDEROSA CO INC 1,157.76 PATTERSON, DANA BRYCE 8,500.00 PIMA COUNTY MEDICAL 6,900.00 PITNEY BOWES 3,657.51 PTS OF AMERICA LLC 2,770.00 QUILL CORP 6,182.27 REDW LLC 12,500.00 SCOTT HAMBLIN MD PC 1,150.00 SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES INC 2,001.70 SIERRA PROPANE 2,380.28 ST JOHNS CITY 7,309.28 SUN RIDGE SYSTEMS, INC 7,680.00 THOMSON REUTERS WEST 1,257.15 VALLEY AUTO PARTS 2,317.92 WOODLAND BUILDING CENTER 1,161.46 YOUNGS FUTURE TIRE 3,002.60 AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE ASSURANCE 1,000.94 APACHE COUNTY HSA 3,382.09 APACHE COUNTY MEDICAL 159,100.90 APACHE COUNTY TAX WITHHOLDING 172,891.59 ASRS LEGACY EORP 1,089.96 AZ STATE RETIREMENT SYSTEM 100,831.83 COLONIAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INS 1,230.51 CORRECTIONS OFFICER RET PLAN 7,782.03 CORRECTIONS OFFICER RETIREMENT PLAN 520 4,911.03 EORP LEGACY 1,288.26 NATIONWIDE 1,105.00 NATIONWIDE RETIREMENT SOL EODCRS 1,030.62 PUBLIC SAFETY PERSONNEL 401 7,699.10 PUBLIC SAFETY SHERIFF RET 39,197.57 SECURITY BENEFIT GROUP 16,480.00 SUPPORT PAYMENT CLEARINGHOUSE 1,519.05 AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES INC (IT DEPT) 1,179.42 AMAZON COM INC 3,335.97 AMIGOS LIBRARY SERVICES 7,828.50 ARCHER MANUFACTURING 2,280.00 ARIZONA STATE FORESTRY DIVISION 4,068.06 AVAYA COMMUNICATIONS 1,603.62 BRADCO 6,855.99 CRESTLINE SPECIALTIES INC 1,428.08 CRIBS FOR KIDS INC 2,070.94 EMPIRE MACHINERY 8,634.42 FRONTIER 4,520.60 GMCO CORPORATION 9,026.87 HAMBLIN LAW OFFICE PLC 8,500.00 HIGH COUNTRY PROPANE 1,789.77 INFINITY COMMUNICAITONS & CONSULTING INC 4,500.00 LATHAM, MICHAEL 1,003.28 MOUNTAIN COMFORT HEATING AND COOLING 1,571.88 NAVAJO COUNTY FAMILY ADVOCACY CENTER 1,750.00 NAVAJO TRIBAL UTILITY AUTHORITY 1,681.18 NAVOPACHE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 2,417.39 NORTHERN SAFETY COMPANY INC 2,499.50 OMNISOURCE UNITED INC 1,125.20 PTS OF AMERICA LLC 2,642.50 QUILL CORP 1,845.44 RDO EQUIPMENT CO 7,558.21 THOMSON REUTERS WEST 1,242.63 AZ STATE GOVERNMENT 1,000.00 SINE-SHIELDS, KELI ANN 1,049.73 Demands are payments made, or to be made, by the County. Specific details of the demands may be requested through the County public record request process. B. Request approval of the minutes dated December 5, 2017 C. Request approval of a Special Event Liquor License for Wes Meyers, San Rafael Church Social Hall, #25 County Road 5041, Concho, Arizona for a Valentines event on February 10, 2018. Personnel Items: D. District II: Request approval for a salary adjustment for the Field Operations Manager to fifty-four thousand, two hundred dollars ($54,200.00) and for a salary adjust for the Operations Manager to forty-five thousand, eight hundred dollars ($45,800.00). E. District I: Request approval to extend the temporary employment for Norman Claw for an additional 30 days to end February 17, 2018. Vote was unanimous.

Angela Romero, Election Director, requested approval of the 2018 Polling Agreements to be used in the 2018 Election Cycle: Special Election on March 13, 2018, Special Election on May 15, 2018, Primary Election on August 28, 2018 and the General Election to be held on November 6, 2018. Mr. Shamley moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shirley. Vote was unanimous.

Patrick Martinez, on behalf of District II, requested approval of the purchase of TOPCON GPS controls from RDO Integrated Controls in the amount of sixty thousand, nine hundred dollars ($60,900.00) which will be broken down into two payments of thirty thousand, four hundred fifty dollars ($30,450.00); one payment in this fiscal year and the other payment in next fiscal year. Mr. Martinez stated two bids were received and provided a side by side comparison between RDO and Empire and recommended RDO. Mr. Shamley moved approval seconded by Mr. Shirley. County Attorney Whiting stated this bid submission was the best he has seen and appreciated the work done by the District II staff. Vote was unanimous.

Mr. Patterson presented the item for possible action regarding chief deputy salary ranges. Mr. Patterson recommended the chief deputies be placed at a range 60. Mr. Shamley moved approval, seconded by Mr. Shirley. Vote was unanimous.

Mr. Patterson presented the item for possible action regarding upcoming legislative issues. Mr. Patterson stated in order to take action on legislative items the Board would need to approve a list of items. Mr. Patterson presented a letter that outlined the legislative items. Mr. Shamley moved to direct Mr. Patterson and staff to work with the County’s contacts at the legislature regarding the item listed in the letter (from The Aarons Company) seconded by Mr. Shirley. Vote was unanimous.

Chairman Shepherd removed the District III: Discussion and possible approval of a Management Agreement between Apache County and the Nutrioso Community Association for the use of the Nutrioso Community Center. No action was taken.

Mr. Shamley, on behalf of District III, stated he wanted a discussion regarding the Apache County budget formulation process to engage departments and elected offices together. Mr. Shamley stated several elected officials and department heads indicated this past year, they felt the current process for formulating the budget was difficult to navigate and would be better off is each elected official and department heads could develop their budget and sit down with the Board and discuss their budget needs. Mr. Shamley stated he sees some value in sitting down together that would help the county as a whole; the Board would have a better grasp on the county budget and each elected office and department could better explain their deficiencies and help everyone better understand their department’s needs. Mr. Shamley stated he will place an item on a future agenda for action and direction with some hard dates so all departments know the schedule. Chairman Shepherd stated the County Manager can work on a timeline and schedule for the budget process. Mr. Shamley stated the County Manager can work with him to develop a process and dates. Mr. Shirley stated he does not believe the Board needs to take any action on this issue, just a directive to the County Manager. No action was needed or taken.

Mr. Shamley, District III Supervisor presented the item for possible action on methodology for vetting applications, interviewing and selecting new Apache County Manager. Mr. Shamley provided a handout of suggestions to expedite the process. Mr. Shamley stated there are ten applicants and Mr. Patterson being one of them, he did not feel he should be involved and utilize Human Resources. A discussion was held regarding the hiring process for the County Manager. County Attorney Whiting stated since Mr. Patterson is an applicant, he agrees with Mr. Shamley that it is not appropriate for Mr. Patterson to be involved in anyway. Mr. Whiting stated since the county does not have a Human Resources Director or an Human Resources Manager his office put together a notebook to help guide the Board through the legal questions. Mr. Whiting stated he is happy to help in any way. A discussion was held regarding the process for vetting the applicants. Mr. Shamley requested Human Resources to utilize the notebook and find a firm to conduct employment and background checks and suggested January 22, 2018 to give the Board a report via email. Mr. Whiting stated his office is willing to assist Human Resources and would request approval for his office to conduct criminal backgrounds as well on the applicants. Mr. Shirley agreed the County Attorney would be appropriate to conduct the background check on the applicants. Mr. Shamley moved to approve the County Attorney’s Office to work with the Human Resources Department to conduct background checks and application and resume vetting, seconded by Mr. Shirley. Vote was unanimous.

There was no one wanting to address the Board during call to the public.

Mr. Shirley moved to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Shamley. Vote was unanimous.

Approved this 6th day of February 2018.

/s/ Alton Joe Shepherd                                                   /s/ Ryan Patterson
Chairman of the Board                                                   Interim Clerk of the Board