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MINUTES FOR July 19, 2017


Dan Muth Devin Brown, Director
Michael Schacht, Vice-Chairman Greg Green, Building Official
Michael Bragiel Shanna Pearce, Executive Assistant
Zenica Hall, Admin. Assistant


Board of Adjustment and Appeals Meeting

Item #1     Call to order.

Chairman Dan Muth called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.

Item #2     Roll Call/Determination of a Quorum.

Chairman Dan Muth called for roll call, quorum was present.

Item #3     Call to the Public (Forms must be turned in at this time).

No public in attendance.

Item #4     Approval of the minutes from the May 17, 2017 meeting.

No discussion.

Chairman Dan Muth opened for a motion.
Vice-Chairman Michael Schacht moved to approve the May 17, 2017 meeting minutes.
Board member Michael Bragiel seconded the motion.
Voting is unanimous.

Item #5     Six (6) month progress review of the condition set forth in the Variance granted to Thennetta Aul December 21, 2016, allowing her to place a 1989, 16 x 72 three (3) bedroom, two (2) bath Manufactured Home on her property near Concho, AZ. A.P.N. 201-60-117.

Chairman Dan Muth opened to the applicant. Thennetta Aul did not have anything to present to the board at this time.

Devin Brown provided staff report and recapped the conditions applied in the December 2017 meeting. He explained the goals set and the progress made, the issues with the skirting and communication issues.
Mrs. Aul advised the board this was a temporary home, they hoped to have a new manufactured home (MH) within two (2) years and explained the expenses she’d had to date. Mr. Brown explained the requirements of having and living in an older MH.

Discussion regarding the foundation, permitting, inspections, the installation process and the understanding of December’s meeting.

Mr. Brown explained the difficulties with this property, the current state of the property, new structures on the property and living arrangements.

Mr. Brown explained the board’s role for today’s meeting. He noted the extension of time given in December’s meeting due to money issues, adding he felt money wasn’t as a factor due to all the new structures. He recommended considering conditions to complete in two (2) months.

Mr. Schacht questioned how the board could change the conditions previously set and the use of the portable toilet as discussed in the December meeting. Mrs. Aul expressed her understanding of December’s meeting and stated the MH was hooked to the septic system. Mr. Brown shared his conversation with the Health Department Director.

Mr. Schacht questioned if Mrs. Aul had fallen behind meeting the goals set.

Mrs. Aul disagreed with Mr. Brown’s statement that money was not an issue and explained that the materials used to build the structures were brought from another property.

Discussion of the progress of improvements, goals set and met, difficulties with communication and committing to timelines.

Mr. Schacht questioned the ability to live up to the six (6) month or 12-month goals. Mrs. Aul felt they could meet the goals in 12 months. She expressed her confusion with the conditions set in December’s meeting and issues with getting the money for permitting and installation.

Discussion of completing some improvements within three (3) month and the priority of installing the MH.

Mrs. Aul explained their living conditions until the installation is completed.

Mr. Schacht expressed his concerns with the new agreements and the difficulties of communication. Mrs. Aul advised the board of her past personal issues.

Mr. Schacht expressed concerns with the care and responsibility of her animals and the accountability of adhering to the new agreement. Mrs. Aul agreed.

Mr. Muth requested clarification regarding the installation permit being contingent on the outcome of today’s meeting. Mr. Brown explained the confusion. Mr. Muth expressed his feelings of the December board meeting. Mr. Bragiel and Mr. Brown agreed.

Mr. Bragiel explained the necessity for setting and meeting new goals.

Discussion of the intent of December’s meeting and six (6) month progress meeting.

Mrs. Aul assured the board she would obtain the permit and complete the installation.

Mr. Muth recommended she work out a schedule to secure the permit and have the final inspections completed as quickly as possible.

Discussion regarding visibility of property, county clean-up and her example to the community for property clean-up.

Mrs. Aul expressed concerns of being a target and explained her situation and hardship of getting everything done. Mr. Muth assured her she was not a target and conveyed that the board was here to work with her the best they could and the board’s requirement of adhering to the timeline.

Discussion regarding skirting and inspections.

Mr. Schacht requested clarification of being a target and questioned if she felt the county was applying the regulations unfairly. Mrs. Aul expressed her frustrations with other properties, in worse condition, not being contacted by the county. Mr. Schacht added that county may already be addressing those issues. Mrs. Aul disagreed.

Mr. Schacht explained the goals of today’s meeting. Mrs. Aul agreed and stated she did not have any problem meeting the goals and noted other recommendations she’s had regarding the visibility of her property.

Mr. Schacht and Mrs. Aul discussed her service to the county in accomplishing the goals and the flexibility of the county. Mrs. Aul agreed.

Mr. Muth closed the discussion.

Item #6     Report from Staff to the Board, including pending, recent, and future agenda items.

Devin Brown provided staff report and advised the board that the planning & zoning commission would be hearing their first conditional use permit relating to older manufactured homes on August 3, 2017.

Chairman Dan Muth questioned the appeal process. Mr. Brown explained and stated that the board would only hear any requests for interpretation of the ordinance.

Item #7  Adjourn

Adjourn 12:08 p.m.