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 Apache County Constable
Breanna Lee
Serving the St. Johns Area


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Breanna Lee
P.O. Box 1255
St. Johns, AZ 85936

(928) 551-5600
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Constables are an integral part of Arizona’s Justice Court system. Each is empowered to serve all process that the Justice Court or other competent authority generates. Process includes service of criminal and civil subpoenas and summons; writs of restitution (eviction orders); writs of execution (orders to collect judgments); writs of (orders to seize property); orders of protections and injunctions against harassment as well as any other court orders. A constable may also be involved in the sale of seized property or in summoning jurors for trials.

The elected constable working directly with its court is able to provide timely and cost effective service. The Arizona Constables’ State Association serves its members by offering continuous professional training to enable them to perform their duties properly. The Association holds a minimum of two training seminars per year. This training which includes legal and procedural updates provides compliance with mandated state requirements.

Breanna Lee is originally from Crockett, Texas. She moved to Arizona at the young age of 19 to live with her sister and pursue an education. While in Mesa, Breanna worked full time for a small law office that specialized in real estate. She continues to work as an Assistant for close to eight years and has high ambitions to keep progressing in the legal field. While in Mesa, Breanna met and married her husband Christian and they now have three children together.

Upon learning of her husband’s roots in St. Johns, she soon fell in love with the small city. After one year of marriage, she begged to move where she knew they could raise their children in a close knit community. Breanna and her family have lived in St. Johns since 2007 and plan on never leaving. She remains impressed and thankful daily for the opportunities that have come into her life.

“I am committed to transforming the office of Constable. I started from scratch and I have taken my training very seriously. It is my desire that when I must leave, I will be able to hand over a professional working office and a high level of expectation for any future Constable.”