Processing Fees

Apache County Constables
Constables Duties



Minimum fees set by state law A.R.S. 11-445 and County ordinance. First six miles included in fee shown; and $2.40 per mile if one-way travel exceeds six miles.
Personal check or money order please
Make payable: “Apache County Constable

Civil summons
Add $24.00 for each additional defendant at same address.
Forcible Detainer Summons
Add $30.00 to serve additional defendant at same address.
Writ of Restitution
Includes posting Notice and Eviction
Writ of Execution
Includes levy, posting notices, and sale.
At sale, add 8%
Writ of Garnishment
Seize wages or bank account
Writ of attachment
Seize property prior per-judgment
Harassment injunction
If Juvenile, add $40.00 to serve parent/guardian. No fee if dating
Supplemental proceeding
Debtor’s exam
Civil Subpoena
Order to witness to testify at trial
Skip Trace
Search records at post office;
utility companies; court
Domestic Violence No Fee
Criminal Subpoena or summons No Fee

Mileage is calculated one way from the Justice Court @ $2.40 per mile. If more than one trip is needed you could be billed up to three trips. The list below shows minimum fees. Please make sure you have a good address and know what time you expect the person to be at home. This information will save on the number of trips that have to be made.