Building Safety Division


Prentice Dell Veneri
Building Inspector
Phone: (928) 337-7527
Cell: (928) 245-8249
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Robert Clark
Building Official
Phone:(928) 337-7527
Cell:(928) 245-8247
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Linda Prentice
Permit Tech
Phone:(928) 337-7527
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Apache County Building Inspection Division is located on the First floor of the Apache County Annex Building, at 75 West Cleveland in St. Johns, AZ.
Apache County uses the following Building Codes:
2015 – International Residential Code
2015 – International Building Code
2015 – International Plumbing Code
2011 – International Electric Code
2015 – International Fire Code
2015 – International Fuel Gas Code

Building Permit Application

Manufactured Home Permit Application

Applications and Requirements Green Building
Agricultural Use Exemption
Requirements for Deck and Porch
Requirements for Garage and Carport
Minimum Electrical Requirements
Requirements for One and Two Family Dwellings
Requirements for Commercial and Multi Family
Sample Plot Plan
Schedule of Inspections
Work that does not require a Building Permit
Building Safety Ordinance – 7/1/2015

Recorded Building Permits by Month

Buying a Prefabricated Storage Building
Minimum Foundation Requirements