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A- Accuracy – We will provide accessible, quality, complete and timely services.
P- Professionalism – We will treat everyone with respect, fairness, dignity, and courtesy.
A- Accountability – We will be accountable, honest, and trustworthy.
C- Collaboration – We accomplish goals using shared leadership, teamwork, and consensus.
Together, we will put the resources of the county to work for each customer.
H- Healthy Work Environment – That encourages open communication and mutual respect.
Humor – To be in a good state of mind, mood, or spirit, we value humor and play as essential aspects in creating a nurturing community.
E- Employee Well-Being – We respect the individual contributions of each employee and endeavor to empower them with the needed resources for teamwork, shared pride, and continuous learning.
Empowerment – We work as one. We empower our people, share responsibility, and communicate freely and honest.