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Feb 132018






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Part 2 – After Executive Session

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Feb 092018

District III Supervisor Shamley and staff held a follow-up food workshop on 02/08/18 addressing access to food in rural areas and an in-depth discussion on applying for USDA Rural Development funding. Supervisor Shamley and Apache County has provided the following videos for those of you how were unable to attend this workshop.

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Jan 312018

On January 26, 2018, the Apache County Assessor’s Office mailed out a Notice of Reclassification of Residential Property to approximately 1,400 property owners. If you received the Notification of Reclassification and wish to dispute the change in property classification, you may file an appeal with the Board of Supervisors no later than February 26, 2018. To obtain an appeal form, click on the link below.

Appeal Form

Jan 162018

Apache County is pleased to announce that Alton Joe Shepherd has been chosen by his fellow supervisors to fill the position of Chairman of the Board for the new year  2018 with Doyel Shamley continuing as Board Vice Chairman. We congratulate Mr. Shepherd as he takes the reins. Under Mr. Shepherd’s leadership, the board looks forward to a progressive and productive year beginning with the selection of a new county manager. We wish all the best to Mr. Shepherd and the board as they care for the needs of our county and want them to know their service is greatly appreciated.

Supervisor Alton Joe Shepherd – District II