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Job Number :
  201501001   (Refer to this number when applying for this job)
Title :
  Deputy Sheriff I    
Location :
  Sanders, AZ    
Pay Rate :
  $15.20  per hour    
Description :

NATURE OF WORK:                                                                                                          

Under general supervision, is responsible for technical work of moderate to difficult standards in law enforcement or investigative duties; performs related duties as required or assigned.



Performs law enforcement patrol activities in assigned area; enforces laws; provides protection; observes criminal behavior; arrests violators; subdues resisting offenders using force where appropriate; including deadly force; transports; investigates cases; performs surveillance; crowd control; execution of writs; subpoenas and court orders; conducts interviews; prepares reports; seizes and processes evidence; presents testimony and evidence; assists distressed persons; directs traffic; and administers first aid.



Working knowledge of:

1.         Arizona Revised Statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to law enforcement;

2.         Law enforcement principles, practices, methods, techniques and equipment;

3.         The roads and routes within the County;

4.         Law enforcement and investigative work.

Working skill in:

5.         Preparing and maintaining records and reports;

6.         Care and use of firearms, motor vehicles and communications equipment;

Ability to:

7.         Pursue offenders by patrol vehicle or on foot;

8.         Maintain proficiency in operating a variety of law enforcement tools, weapons and vehicles;

9.         Act quickly and calmly with proper judgment in emergency situations;

10.        Establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, other agencies and the public;

11.        Follow written and verbal instructions;

12.        Communicate effectively verbally and in writing;

13.        Respond to call out 24 hours a day as needed;

14.        Operate a motor vehicle requiring a standard driver’s license.



15.        Reasonably good physical condition;

16.        Eyesight at least 20/200 correctable to 20/20;

17.        Able to distinguish colors;

18.        Must have no illegal drug history for a minimum of three (3) years.



19.        Complete physical by Arizona POST Physician;

20.        Polygraph test;

21.        Oral examination;

22.        Written examination;

23.        AZ Driver’s License with reasonably good records;

24.        County Resident upon successful completion of hiring process;

25.        At least 20 years and 9 months of age;

26.        POST Certified or ability to graduate POST Academy.


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