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Treasurer's Office

Marleita Begay, Treasurer
"Investing and Protecting our Financial Future"

Citizens of Apache County

On August 04, 2014 the Board of Supervisors approved the abatement of Personal Property taxes for all past due amounts from 1981-2010. Pursuant to ARS §42-18351, the cost of pursuing the statutory lien sale and collection procedures or the sale of lands under Article 7 of this chapter or the cost of the seizure and sale of personal property pursuant to section 42-18401 would equal or exceed the revenue that could be derived.

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2015 Tax Lien Sale For 2013 unpaid taxes

2015 Over the counter tax liens for 2013 and prior unpaid taxes.

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Effective September 10, 2014:

All refund checks for overpayments will no longer be issued unless otherwise requested. If you would like a refund remitted for overpayment please contact our office at 928.337.7629. Please allow 30 days after payment for the refund to be processed.







Apache County Treasurer
75 W. Cleveland
PO Box 699
St. Johns, Arizona 85936
Phone: (928) 337-7629
Fax: (928) 337-4686

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The main functions of the County Treasurer's Office are to collect taxes and disburse them to the appropriate taxing districts and to maintain and invest the County's financial resources. The Treasurer's Office sends out tax notices to each real and personal property owner in Apache County on an annual basis. As taxes are paid, the Treasurer's Office then allocates the tax revenue to the taxing districts based on their respective mill levies.

As the custodian of County funds, the Treasurer invests with the objectives of legality, safety, liquidity and yield in mind. The Treasurer applies the "prudent investor" rule to manage the County's portfolio (i.e., investments are made with judgment and care, not for speculation but for investment, considering the probable safety of the County's financial resources as well as the income that can be derived). The Treasurer maintains a diverse portfolio consisting of certificates of deposit, money market accounts, government securities and other acceptable investments under Arizona law.

The Treasurer also serves as Public Trustee. All deeds of trust given to secure indebtedness of any kind name the Public Trustee as trustee. In that role, the Treasurer performs all functions and exercises all powers conferred upon her by the deed, whenever requested by the beneficiary or the legal holder of the indebtedness secured thereby, to make sales and/or to issue certificates of purchase, certificates of redemption or trustee's deeds as may be required and to release deeds of trust when requested by the beneficiary.

Treasurer's Staff

David Romero
Chief Deputy
(928) 337-7529
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Candice Davis
(928) 337-7625
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Analese Castillo
Tax Lien and
Bankruptcy Supervisor
(928) 337-7523
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Anthony Ortiz
Client Services
(928) 337-7529

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