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Treasurer's Office - Important Dates to Remember

Marleita Begay, Treasurer


Attention! The information on this site may not be accurate. Please contact the Treasurer's Office for tax information. All other questions should go to the Assessor's Office.

The Apache County
Tax Liens are Available
Dates: March 20, 2012 to
December 31, 2012

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The follow is a listing of the Important Dates Remember or a Tax Time Line
Notices of current year’s delinquent taxes are mailed. Investor may pay subsequent taxes on tax liens.
Beginning of Fiscal Year
Board of Supervisors certifies current year’s tax roll.
Tax statements are mailed for both personal and real property taxes.
First half of current year’s taxes and tax bills under $100.00 are due.
First half of current year’s taxes and tax bills under $100.00 are delinquent as of November 1st at 5:00PM.

Past due notices sent for all prior year’s unpaid property taxes notifying owners of the tax sale in February.

Final day to pay current full year taxes over $100 without interest is as of December 31st at 5:00 PM.

Penalty of $5.00 or 5% of delinquent taxes is imposed on prior year’s unpaid secured property taxes.

Tax Lien Sale - all balances on prior year’s secured property taxes will be auctioned.

Assignments available after all prior year’s taxes once the sale transactions are complete.

Second installment of current year’s taxes are due.
Second installment of current year’s taxes are due.
Second half of current year’s taxes delinquent as of May 1 at 5:00 PM.
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