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Program 4 - Employee Energy Savings Program


The following information is a description or Project Summary of the Program 4 - Employee Energy Savings Program

The County proposes to develop a comprehensive energy and sustainability education program, creating a culture of sustainability for County Employees. The County will develop and implement by second quarter 2010 a comprehensive Employee Energy Savings Program (EESP) to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency measures in all County-owned facilities. The County will organize a committee consisting of six full-time employees to assist the County as EESP Coordinator and educate County employees in understanding the goals and objectives of the proposed EESP, start-up process, and development of the EESP guidelines and procedures.

Program will include training of the building staff to reinforce sustainable behaviors such as recycling, water reduction, understanding the efficiencies available through the new air cooler units being installed, recognizing energy efficiency as a high priority energy resource, and making a strong, long-term commitment to cost-effective energy efficiency as resource. The County will conduct educational workshops and provide all County employees with a list of tips such as turning of lights and office equipment (utilizing power strips) as well as set specific County building rules, such as no space heaters or additional personal air fans. The EECBG funds will provide sufficient and stable funding to initiate this program, which is expected to yield continuous benefits over time in terms of overall energy and emission reductions.

Such programs, once implemented, would be available to all members of the community and would focus on promoting the benefits of, and opportunities for, energy efficiency through best practices and renewal energy deployment by example. The County will also establish a program to encourage energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades in commercial buildings throughout the County. We cannot quantify exact energy saved by these measures, but will compile data throughout the project and relate such savings as appropriate and in reporting measures.


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