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Program 3- Data Center Upgrade


The following information is a description or Project Summary of the Program 3- Data Center Upgrade

Data centers consume significant amounts of energy to cool increasing densities, and require responsible thermal management practices. Recognizing this need, the County proposes to utilize EECBG funds to replace 16 existing servers with Four PowerEdge M710 blade servers and eight PowerEdge M610 blade servers with enclosures and entry switches in existing data center located at the County Annex building. The County will also install eight energy efficient CPI Passive Cooling, F-Series TeraFrame cabinets and ladder racks, with vertical exhaust duct systems. Such units are proven to reduce operational costs by isolating hot exhaust air, providing a 40% reduction in energy costs over standard methods, and up to a 90% reduction in energy costs utilizing "free cooling" days. A Stulz EC commercial dual compressor automated air cooling system capable of monitoring the temperature continuously within the data center room will be installed, thereby reducing the need for an air conditioning unit to run 24 hours a day. Consistent temperatures will be efficiently maintained by the unit running only when necessary to maintain optimal temperatures.

The PowerEdge components provide industry leading power efficiency, better than 86% at 20% load, and higher at heavier loads, approaching 91% power efficiency under normal operating conditions Energy savings from the air conditioning system are anticipated at $900 annually for this unit, with an anticipated savings of 12,857 kWh/yr, saving 73% over the existing energy consumption on existing equipment. Energy savings from the air conditioning system are anticipated to reduce the County's annual GHG emissions by 170 tons, and a reduction of 3,344 mmBtu's. Decrease in energy consumption will save approximately $900.00 annually in energy costs. It is estimated that the new application will save approximately 73% over the energy consumption of existing equipment.


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