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Program 2 - Air Quality Improvement Initiative


The following information is a description or Project Summary of the Program 2 - Air Quality Improvement Initiative

Apache County intends to utilize EECBG funds to install new air cooling units in two buildings (Apache County Government Annex Building and School Superintendent's Office/Elections/Gymnasium) which are not currently cooled appropriately. Safer materials and improved air quality creates healthy workspaces, improves worker comfort, health and performance and reduces absenteeism - all resulting in decreased cost for the County, and savings of taxpayer dollars. The County will replace 10 antiquated and inefficient air cooling units thereby immediately reducing energy consumption. Once installation is complete, interior building temperatures will be pre-determined during occupied and unoccupied times, with programmable thermostats directed through the County Building and Maintenance Supervisor.

Over the life of the building, lower operations and maintenance costs will produce significant savings for the County. In addition to reducing energy costs, these improvements will reduce deferred maintenance; decrease the need for capital dollars and lower the number of hot and cold maintenance calls in these facilities, which are all long-term benefits for the County.

Replacing old inefficient air cooling units with new energy efficient units will save the County approximately 75% annually in energy costs as of the first year alone, when compared to current equipment power consumption. The reduction in energy usage is expected to reduce the County's annual Co2 emissions by 28 tons, and a reduction of 546 mmBtu's annually. The new units through the Pro-Clean System which drains and washes the units daily will save 3,000 gallons of water per month, per unit, over comparable bleed-off systems, and approximately $365.00 annually in water costs to the County through more efficient use of water resources.


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