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Program 1 - Lighting Upgrade Plan


The following information is a description or Project Summary of the Program 1 - Lighting Upgrade Plan.

The County will replace existing light fixtures in two buildings within the County facilities: the Apache County Government Annex Building and the Apache County School Superintendent's Offices, Elections and Gymnasium. Existing lights will be replaced with energy efficient Philips F32T8-XEW-25w lamps. By replacing outdated lighting with the energy efficient T8 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts, we anticipate our two buildings to consume 46% less energy for lighting.

Within the Government Annex Building occupancy sensors will be installed in the restrooms, vault, financial department conference room and the break room. At the School Superintendent's Office, Elections and Gymnasium, existing lights will be replaced with F32T8-XEW-25w and F54T5HO lamps. Occupancy sensors will be installed in the restrooms and the fitness room.

The estimated cost of the total Lighting Upgrade Plan is $36,531.00 with the County requesting $36,531.00 in EECBG funds. It is estimated that the retrofitting to the lighting system in these two buildings will save the County $4,652.00 annually in energy costs as of the first of the year, the equivalent of 66,462 kWh annually. The reduction in energy usage is expected to reduce the County's annual GHG emissions by 19 tons, and a reduction of 373 mmBtus annually. Over the life of the buildings, lower operations and maintenance costs will produce significant savings, with simple payback on the Lighting Upgrade Plan calculated at 4.42 years.

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