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Meet Barry Weller, District III Supervisor
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Barry Weller
Apache County District III
PO Box 428
St. Johns, Az 85936
(928) 337-7504

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The office of District III Supervisor Barry Weller,
is located at the
Apache County Annex Building 75 West Cleveland Street
in St. Johns

My Name is Barry Weller.

Principles and character are values important to me.

I am a veteran of the United States Navy. I served in the Nuclear Submarine service for more than 4 years. There I received a foundation for my education which then focused on nuclear power, radiation, and water chemistry control as well as systems oversight and management. I later bolstered my education, as needed, in specific engineering and business tools while my career advanced through the manufacturing industry.

As for experience to serve you as a County Supervisor, In my last position, for more than 15 years at one company, I was a part of a senior management team that developed and managed annual budgets up to and in excess of $50 million. I personally managed $2 to $10 million annual budgets for my department. I was responsible for projects including Equipment purchases, building purchases / leases, construction projects that were completed both in this great Nation as well as
several in foreign countries. Additionally I had management responsibility for Environmental regulations and Safety compliance in an industry with numerous chemical, electrical and mechanical hazards. I know how to manage budgets, departments, people and the complexities of regulations.

I have consistently been ethical, open and honest in my business as well as personal activities. I have spent countless hours, days and weeks with attorneys writing, reviewing and managing contracts. I am a stickler for transparency, clarity, honesty, and accuracy which are skills to help me focus on a thorough review of our County policies, procedures and activities along with consistent and fair application thereof. Additionally I am committed to being responsive to public input, ideas and assistance.

I stand to protect Personal property rights. I stand to protect the liberties and freedoms of all Americans as documented by our founding fathers in the Preamble to and the Constitution of these great United States. I love this County, this State and this Country.

I am tenacious, trustworthy and plan to represent you as an open and approachable elected official. I do believe elected officials are public servants and are not in office for personal gain. I pray that I may be as respectful and courteous as you would expect from a neighbor or friend.

Please feel free to call or email me with questions or support.
Sincerely, - Barry Weller


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